If cartoons were more realistic, they'd be really freaky (10 Photos)

toon realistic lead If cartoons were more realistic, they'd be really freaky (10 Photos)

Photos from Tim O’Brien, Rick Baker, Pixeloo, Jaroslaw Kukowski, Destination Creation, Penny Arcade, Mata Leone,
South Park, Northern Banshee, and Deviant Art. All photos via mentalfloss [dot] com

  • Equalizer

    I don’t mind the 2nd picture, she is still HOT!!!…

    • jaimee

      yes 2nd pic is fine!

  • blueberryvoodoo


  • DANG

    I’ve seen #8 before on deviantART. I even favorited it.


    charlie brown looks totally normal

  • robert ball

    Popeye is just to blinkin’ scary. He looks like he belongs in one of the Dead movies. “Dead Popeye at 12 o’clock!” BAM. Got ’em. Bluto is safe now.
    Jessica Rabbit, on the other hand, looks pretty good. A full length shot would have been nice, though.

  • Digitsis

    would not want to meet Popeye in a dark alley …. or anywhere for that matter. Creepy.

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  • Al

    popeye’s gonna give me nightmares

  • Ken

    This set is fantastic! Turning the Teletubbies into “I Am Legend” vampires is genius.

    Now I really feel sorry for Charlie Brown. Down’s Sydrome is no laughing matter.

    I’d hate to see Bluto….or Olive Oil!

  • pascal

    realy some great pictures.. very nice done.. compliments!!

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  • hippl

    the homer simpson one is wrong. the brown bit is supposed to be stubble hair. in the cartoon, when he shaves his whole mouth bit is yellow. and then it gradually comes back to brown.

  • Dredsina

    Stan looks kind of like a kid Elvis. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Stan would actually be really hot in real life 😀

    • Anonymous

      By stan i mean from south park not american dad..

  • A.O.C.

    Popeye and Stan Smith scared the crap out of me…

    … everything else ruined my childhood.

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  • luca

    btw,before he was ellected as president he was a saylor.captain.no shit.u tell me he´s not popeye

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