Daily morning randomness (26 photos)

a stupid pics 10 Daily morning randomness (26 photos)

  • Equalizer

    Reading Picture #6 makes my eyes hurt.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t read it then, dumbass

  • modianos

    are dog shit necklace man and baby col. sanders going to be in every compilation from now on? just wondering…

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  • http://icefirex.deviantart.com s3xt0y

    lmao, yahoo post on getting her daughter into porn, that was epic.

  • Nv_Me

    RIP Chef
    How do they not notice the Home Depot car flying through the Air? LOL

  • magentapyramid


  • doyoulikethisgig

    Pic #12…..Left turns must be a bitch.

  • top dog

    Was that a turd necklace?

  • jamen

    #3 from the bottom…>

    “an’ats when i realized ‘at wuddna girl scout, ‘at wassa dang lock ness monsta, an i said ‘no lock ness monsta, you aint fidna get mah tree fiddy’ can you belee dat? he wanned mah tree fiddy

  • http://feedburner.com kidanu bekalu

    I LIKE IT ! Offcourse i have fb account that is my additional emai written

  • Anonymous

    No, Your the dumbass – dumbass!

  • modianos

    obviously not enuff. you can still type a banal comment.

  • modianos

    you’re* …and do i really have to say it?

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