15 Odd iphone docks

a ipod dock 4 15 Odd iphone docks

  • Spazzberry

    I like the dinos taste in music

  • boneman

    I forgot what I was going to write.
    I was so excited…

  • boneman

    oh yeah…I remember.
    It’s always odd when I call my doc, so, this is nothing new.

  • huangzhixian118

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  • Kyp

    Dreamcast hell yeah its been forever since i’ve seen that control. i used to play with the chao babies on the memory card all the time, dang. Not sure if that’s the “correct term” for them. Sonic!

  • Tones

    fanboys!!! Ughhhh.

  • StudleyPendejos

    Hey and you werent even first

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