• Guibombe

    Find her!

  • Cassidy

    The haters? why? she's got sweet tits, a sweet tattoo, and her face.. she looks cute (can't see the whole thing)….but if you want to criticize grow some balls and do something like this first and then you can. If not, just keep the negativity to yourself. From loyal straight girl chiver.. that hasn't gotten the courage yet to post a sweet picture like that.

  • Jerome Ruwan


  • BluntCristo

    What dinosaur?

  • Gun_guy

    Why do we only have two photos of this girl Chive?!

  • Daniel

    Nice set, shit tattoo.

  • Teejay

    i wonder if she need help with those things im willing to help

  • bhardcore

    weather the bubble tattoo part is real or not she still looks good keep it up

  • Mittens

    so im not the only cold one…

  • Force Kin

    Is it nipples ??? Still cant see them but it hasn't stopped me looking hard … very hard . I looked well too.

  • Dreymann

    I immediately went to the nipple as well.

  • briguy

    Remove 1 hand for another ring 🙂

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