Daily morning randomness (25 photos)

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  • Brandon

    Awesome shower head. I'd buy one of those.

  • Anonymous

    Are Hogwarts and swine flu the same thing?

  • top dog

    The Wizard of Oz picture, not good, it’s a classic. Some people will fuck up a wet dream.

  • gbenga

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  • hipporox

    swine flue one is soooo funny and cute

  • HellHathNoFury

    Thank God they’re getting rid of that paranoid little downer Piglet.
    where can I pick up that Hayne’s manual?

  • Equalizer

    That picture with piglet is the funniest

  • Charybdis

    That “Failed as a Parent” one is from maddox.xmission.com. Kinda crappy that his website was covered up by the Chive logo.

  • lowdown

    top dog what are you talking about? the wizard of oz poster kicks ass, dorothy looks smokin hot! I wish that was really a movie, i’d watch it for sure.

  • dragongball
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