New photos of the world’s tallest model arrive (10 Photos, 1 video)

A few days ago The Chive ran these photos on Eve, the world’s tallest monster model. She’s nearly 7′ tall (205 cm exactly). Many of our users cried photoshop but we’ve obtained some new images and a video (complete with cheesy 70’s porn music) which prove Babezilla exists. Eve will appear in this month’s ZooWeekly so check it out if you’re into that sorta’ thing.

Photo Source 6-10 Here. Photo Source 1-5 Here.
Check out models face planting on the runway here.
ELSEWHERE IN THE NETWORK: They actually recreated ‘Mad Max’ in the destert…with hot chicks, right here.

  • spunkmayer

    >standing nearly 7′ tall (162cm exactly)

    7 feet are nearly 210 cm, not 162.

    • virtuoso09

      Read it again, it says 205cm, not 162.

      • Frank M

        Who is the short girl?

  • ALWAYSfcks

    she is not hot. pass. but i can't stop looking

    • mm2

      the little one is hot, but the big one… i can't look away either

      • chesterdrawers

        The guys above me are totally gay for one another…

  • drkstrsptfr

    if she's 7 ft tall…why the heels?

    • anonymous

      Women wear heels to make their legs and butt look good…

  • 4Yourplsure

    holy shit that’s a huge bitch

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  • poker

    damn! this is hot!

  • LoveBigWomen

    Holy Moly !!!! This chick is a beast. So hot……I would love to be on my knees in front of her. Looking up at her giant beaver……….Man what a feast she would be !

    • Joe

      I don't think you need to be in your knees for that…
      But yeah, she's HOT

  • manny

    thats 1 happy dude

    anyone else has a fetish for super tall hot girls ?

    • Flicka

      *raises hand hesitantly* me?

    • chesterdrawers

      you don't even have to lean down to put her tit in your mouth how is this not badass…

  • Mike

    She looks like a man!

    • Flicka

      I'm sorry your dad is a crossdresser (not that there's anything wrong with that) but it's obviously skewed your perception. Get out more.

  • Eric

    I think I’m in Love

  • Anonymous

    keep it in the circus freak lol

    • greenerblues

      Haha…and she’s wearing a “Zoo” bikini……maybe she belongs there!

  • Anonymous

    Do not want.

  • Anonymous

    man she has some serious camel toe

    • Wesley Mantooth

      Elephant toe?

  • Madame X

    Too bad for her that the other model is so much hotter.

  • josh

    I think she’s freakin hot. Wow. If she don’t mind looking down, I’ll take her out. Wow, she’d be hot in bed.

  • ED

    7 foot woman with a 1 foot camel toe

  • Amazonymous

    Death by… Snu-snu.

  • Anonymous

    Thats a HUGE BITCH!

  • bridges

    Thats a HUGE BITCH!

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  • Testosterone

    She must have some sex drive with all that testosterone running around.

  • kevin

    i see a cock on her

  • HB Chaser


    Yeah dude. Sign me up. I’m 5’6″ and my personal best so far is a 6’4″ blonde from the Canadian Women’s Volleyball team.

    P.S. It’s like doing a spider- as in IT’S ALL LEGS!

  • Anonymous

    world’s tallest camel toe as well

  • aaaaaaaaaaaa


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