New photos of the world’s tallest model arrive (6 Photos, 1 video)

Photo Source 6-10 Here. Photo Source 1-5 Here.
Check out models face planting on the runway here.
ELSEWHERE IN THE NETWORK: They actually recreated ‘Mad Max’ in the destert…with hot chicks, right here.

  • Uncle B

    Sadly we face the extermination of the last of this dying breed of “Great Hulking American Neanderthal” . They stand in the long lines at the “Unemployables” agencies, and await the “Selection Committees” of the American Medical Cartel’s Insurance agents to refuse them medical care for and ever-growing, corporate board determined, list of disqualifyers. Beware! If you were born and bred, genetically selected, to serve in the now corporastist foresaken American Smoke-Stack industries , or for service in the dying Automotive Sector, you may stand for disqualification of medical services in the greatest case of genetic cleansing the world has ever witnessed! Capitalism, unlike socialism has no use for you and you are condemned to a very uncomfortable death sentence by refusal of decent medical care! The American Way! Way to riches untold for the few at the top! Extermination for those at the bottom! Dependent on economic tides in time!

  • Anonymous

    Fun fact, this bitches pussy is taller then most midgets

  • Klauz

    hot, hot, HOT!!!

  • Darksoul

    That is soooo hot!

  • johnny

    Photoshopped. You guys don't really believe this do you?

  • Anonymous


  • Rick

    id climb that mountain anyday

  • Patrick Banks

    Holy shit she has long legs…………… spread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • elbruces

    Anybody got a stepladder I could borrow?

  • AtomManhattan

    I'm 6'4", and have dated, and hate dating short chicks like you would not believe (they have painfully small vaginas). Used to nail this chick who was 5'11" and that was perfect…but I would LOVE to bang a seven foot woman, no bout a doubt it.

  • [clevernamehere]

    Take out the other girl from those last few pics, and she is just as hot as the girls that have the usual Chivers screaming "MOAR!!!!!" Shame on some of these guys for trying to ostracize her simply because she might make them feel insecure or inadequate. If they don't want her, fine….pass her number over this way. But trying to dog out a hot chick simply because she is tall?

    That is phuckin weak sauce.

    There is no doubt that this girl is attractive. Period.

  • na'vi

    holy shit that's neytiri

  • jay

    she used to be a dude. go for your life [clevernamehere]!


    i measure beauty by millimeters, starting at the toes and going up…………….

  • ikeomumu chijioke

    You are tall and extremely beautiful please can u find time to chat with me please on facebook

  • ikeomumu chijioke

    Please please I want my wish to come through

  • Pablo Honey

    that´s a huge bitch

  • Big Murph

    I would love to meet that woman.

  • Otyugh

    Oh! Please please!!! She would be awesome for a cameo of She Hulk in the upcoming Avengers movie. Just paint her green and Voilá! That or Big Barda from DC comics… google her if you don't know who she is.

  • sameer

    hot but biggggggggggggghai bappp

  • jlaz

    shed be a jungle-jim in the friggin sack

  • TeeStope

    id hit it

  • JSK

    so amazons exist?

  • Newfiebackflip

    I'd still do it

  • Simone B.

    Giant pussy…. GREAT!!!

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