New photos of the world’s tallest model arrive (6 Photos, 1 video)

Photo Source 6-10 Here. Photo Source 1-5 Here.
Check out models face planting on the runway here.
ELSEWHERE IN THE NETWORK: They actually recreated ‘Mad Max’ in the destert…with hot chicks, right here.

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  • bill

    omg.she is hot.thats a lot of woman to handle.yummy,yummy,lick.

  • its_your_boy

    Were the same size laying down…

  • chogme

    She HAS to only fuck black guys!

    And i guarantee she's married to a basketball player

  • Big D

    I'd climb her

  • Barry MCokiner

    What part of Chernobyl is She from?

  • bunedoggle

    She's hot, I guess I'll need a bigger kitchen.

  • schnizz

    she doesnt need tampons, just shoves rolls of paper towels up in there

  • Paul

    So a dick with the girth of a Salami and a foot long, should do the trick….. And does she swallow?

  • Snail


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  • Robert Smith

    It wouldn't matter if she is 10 feet tall or 5'2".. she's a very beautiful, attractive, desirable lady!!! Someone I would like, very much, to get to know!!

  • Jim

    Dude! A normal sized guy could totally climb head and shoulders back in! It's be just like being born again!

  • GTO

    No she is a very lovely lady and maybe the beginning of the Spartan program for Master Chief

  • Guest

    What an incredibly beautiful woman!

  • Crystal

    she is so lovable…kinda like her. Hey lovely, keep it up and more power…….:)

  • Kobo

    They’re talking about the other model. L2R.

  • Bill The Welder

    Accentuates the butt basically by forcing the leg and thigh muscles up.

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