New photos of the world’s tallest model arrive (10 Photos, 1 video)

A few days ago The Chive ran these photos on Eve, the world’s tallest monster model. She’s nearly 7′ tall (205 cm exactly). Many of our users cried photoshop but we’ve obtained some new images and a video (complete with cheesy 70’s porn music) which prove Babezilla exists. Eve will appear in this month’s ZooWeekly so check it out if you’re into that sorta’ thing.

Photo Source 6-10 Here. Photo Source 1-5 Here.
Check out models face planting on the runway here.
ELSEWHERE IN THE NETWORK: They actually recreated ‘Mad Max’ in the destert…with hot chicks, right here.

  • bill

    omg.she is hot.thats a lot of woman to handle.yummy,yummy,lick.

  • its_your_boy

    Were the same size laying down…

  • chogme

    She HAS to only fuck black guys!

    And i guarantee she's married to a basketball player

  • Big D

    I'd climb her

  • Barry MCokiner

    What part of Chernobyl is She from?

  • bunedoggle

    She's hot, I guess I'll need a bigger kitchen.

  • schnizz

    she doesnt need tampons, just shoves rolls of paper towels up in there

  • Paul

    So a dick with the girth of a Salami and a foot long, should do the trick….. And does she swallow?

  • Snail


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  • Robert Smith

    It wouldn't matter if she is 10 feet tall or 5'2".. she's a very beautiful, attractive, desirable lady!!! Someone I would like, very much, to get to know!!

  • Jim

    Dude! A normal sized guy could totally climb head and shoulders back in! It's be just like being born again!

  • GTO

    No she is a very lovely lady and maybe the beginning of the Spartan program for Master Chief

  • Guest

    What an incredibly beautiful woman!

  • Crystal

    she is so lovable…kinda like her. Hey lovely, keep it up and more power…….:)

  • Kobo

    They’re talking about the other model. L2R.

  • Bill The Welder

    Accentuates the butt basically by forcing the leg and thigh muscles up.

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