Daily Afternoon Randomness (20 Photos)

mower roof Daily Afternoon Randomness (20 Photos)

  • Megarath

    High-five, Rob!!!

    … I don’t get the one with the cop and the woman in the car. Is that money? I can’t quite tell. Perhaps she gave him a tip for giving her directions? … maybe it’s drugs? Who knows.

    In Soviet Russia, cop bribes you!

  • Justin

    The “Dead Dove” one is just a screenshot from Arrested Development.

    • aaron

      i saw that and i was like i am going to spread some knowledge, nice pick up on that.

      Whats with the No LOGO stuff today someone muffing a little bit?

      • psara

        I’m going to return that dove!

        • Lady Shamisen

          Return from whence you came!

  • Oboy

    i’m hungry

  • jenn32

    Could someone explain the Rob one please?

    • HellHathNoFury

      um, some poeple got together and decided to have some fun in the subway by having people give Rob high-fives.

  • Anonymous

    i would of kicked rob in the nuts

  • Kaz

    Thats why your a jackass anon.

  • Ken

    Rob would have gotten a High Five from me if not just a smile.

    That is one ugly fish. Looks like Earnest Borgnine. They should either throw it back or sent it to Hollywood for the remake of “Marty.”

    The Dino skeleton photo is pretty kool.

  • Shocker21

    the one with the dino and guy skeletons is out in South Dakota on I 90, there’s a shit ton more of those lil sculptures out there too

  • WABA

    I Love Improv Everywhere!

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