• suzie

    that’s right boys, stare at the cold hard truth 🙂

    • just some dude

      Men don’t know anything about women, becuase they are CONSTANTLY changing thier minds!!! Women don’t know what women want……..

      • marco

        hahaha, nice one.

  • ECH


  • Jeff

    lol classic

  • Ect....

    Clean your Coffee Mug Sir…..

  • Matt

    haha very funny…and true

  • Phil

    wow… didn’t see that one coming.

    …that’s what she said.

  • Anonymous

    why does the chive hate women?

  • psara

    I think that’s giving a lot of credit to men, really.

  • Ken

    Well, that’s just sexist drivel….

    and where is the T & A in this set????

    • HellHathNoFury

      Toothpaste and Aftershave!

      • Ken

        The two elemental building blocks of every great relationship!

  • Anon

    Men know nothing about women because there’s nothing worth knowing.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Would you like some more sour grapes, my dear?

    • Ronaldo Santos

      the best answer, sir.

  • tsk

    You are right anon …there nothing worth know of woman especially of your mother because she dint do anything that’s even worth to consider as knowledgeable like her son.

    • Ronaldo Santos

      and you prove what he sad, bitch.

  • Anon

    lol HellHathNoFury

    Original comeback tsk, you really have a sharp wit. Really. Really. Sharp. Ow.


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  • Anonymous


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  • propellephant

    it should say “they have boobs” at the end

    • Anonymous

      I was gonna say the same thing

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  • A Real Man (Married)

    Actually, this should be titled “Everything Stereotypical Men Know…” as the other 20% of us knows that Women are exactly the same as Men: they want someone who will love them completely and without reserve, willing to do anything for them at any time, with respect for the other as utmost – and they will return all of this if the man simply does them.

    Also, intelligence, humour, fun and openness are qualities women want, as do men. It’s very simple really.

  • sumi

    thechive (??!!) – such stereotypical smugness, inconfidence, ignorance, misogyny and inferiority complex, all rolled into one!

  • Daniel

    The first page should read "Boobs"

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