Daily morning randomness (25 photos)

a funny random ks 9 Daily morning randomness (25 photos)

  • krisb

    #2 – Chuck Norris’s cat?

  • Anonymous

    lol, they totally look alike!

  • Anonymous

    does anyone know the story behind the last pic?
    that’s seriously creeping me out

    • Anonymous

      the last pic is prob an island that is inhabited by a bunch of those red crabs. every year they have to migrate to special breeding grounds. to prevent them from swarming the streets, blocking them and killing themselves, those barriers were erected

      • HellHathNoFury

        I believe it’s Christmas Island. Those crabs live in TREES. Yup. If you think having a spider hang down in front of you is bad, imagine a bunch of spider-shaped giant crabs falling all over you. *shudder*

  • Brandon

    Still want that polo…

    And wow, congratulations, you got a tattoo of a DNA strand on your arm. You truly win at life…virgin.

    • Jive Turkey

      and this is coming from a guy wearing a turtle neck. . .makes ya look like a dick. no it really does

      • Bolognese

        Pwned. Also uber fail due to the fact that only Virgins call other people Virgins.

        Good luck with life roll -neck

        Also, Huge tits belly dancer FTW!

        • Brandon

          Too bad it’s not a turtleneck. And since when do only virgins call other people virgins? That makes no sense whatsoever.

          • ebba hebba

            since when does steve jobs comment on the chive.

            • Dinker

              ^ Haha!

            • Chalisss


          • HellHathNoFury

            Turtleneck? what kind of person would think turtleneck? The kind of person who wears them, that’s who. It looks much like a zip-up fleece to me. just to cover all the hickeys.

  • xavi

    Hey…. guy wearing a turtle neck f-ck u

  • yeahsure

    Im wondering if a get a tattoo of a DNA strand on my arm,will i turn back into a virgin?

    • Bug Bait

      Only if it contains the virginity gene in the sequence….

  • Anonymous

    wow look at all those crabs! HHNF must be around here somewhere …. <..>

    • HellHathNoFury

      Your leverness. It has been noted.

  • DrOoo

    That last pic is the stuff nightmares are made off

  • Ken

    What’s wrong with turtle necks and why should anyone care if someone else ears them?

    I hope the crabs get allowed through. I know that I don’t like being prevented from mating.

    The baby Meerkats are kewl!

  • Jenn the Hen

    I think the DNa tattoo is hot *wink*

  • kirby

    Jen your a retard

  • failboat

    kirby YOU’RE a retard.

  • Daan

    Does it matter when its a turtle-neck if you look like a dick anyways?

  • Daan

    oh and a douchebag would probably wear that polo…

  • pooper

    ill poop on ur turtle neck

  • djkikis

    ahhh all of u should grab coffee together.. that would be interesting

  • alextc

    i like the dog with the fat sack of bud 😀

  • Mattythegooch

    Apparently, I want to sniff Dr. Dawkins snatch.

  • Dave

    Isn't the guy in the first pic Kevin Rowland from Dexy's Midnight Runners?

  • anonymous

    The last picture is a yearly sight at Christmas Island. The crabs making their journey to the sea…lots get smushed by cars so there's a barrier up.

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