Daily Afternoon Randomness (20 Photos)

funny soccer kid Daily Afternoon Randomness (20 Photos)

  • Vicious Delicious

    The girl with the gun is now on my Christmas list

    • boneman

      probably better keep an eye on your back…she’s a hitperson and you may be on HER list….

    • Brandon

      Yeah, that is probably one of the hottest pictures on here!

      • Chunk

        Neck and hand tatts are gross.

  • boneman

    finger=throat=low self esteem
    Nobody who cares about another person cares about a few pounds plus or minus.

    • dddd

      Thanks bonerub. I’m glad you had the courage to address this very serious matter here on the chive. When will John learn? WHEN!?

  • Matt

    is that last one real?

  • HellHathNoFury

    Finger+throat=superficial insecure whiny bitch with no muscle tone and a horrible gag reflex. Sounds sexy to me.

    • Mr. Irony

      All men love a girl with a great gag reflex. And by great, we mean none at all.

  • Ken

    Viggo Mortensen as a child?

  • Iwunda

    finger+throat = hilarious.

    that chick holding the .50 cal isn’t 100 lbs with her clothes wet. sexy

  • pooper

    8===D+throat = GREAT time

  • BatteryPoweredTurkeyGravy

    but what if said superficial insecure whiny bitch has no gag reflex? hows about a diet of laxatives? lol

  • Dave

    I love that fireman pic. I’m on a break!

  • stafferty

    I love the fact that the kid is getting kicked in the balls by his own teamate. You can’t even pull a card for that.

  • Anonymous

    Captions for #9…..

    • boneman

      well, let’s see…captions
      Is it a bird? A plane? a flying fish?
      No …it’s, wait. yes. It IS a flying fish.

      or, it’s just for looks…

      How about, let go of my babies, you wart hog from HELL! (thanx to Raising Arizona)

      “Uh, sure, Mr. Fish. Here’s a cigarette,”

      “Well, officer Fish, I MEANT to get a license….”

      “Take me to the river!…oh, wait. That’s Billy Bass….”

      • HellHathNoFury

        You’re making my comments look good. Hang your head in shame.

  • C

    So you guys would rather have a chick with no gag reflex puke on you during a bj? Ok whatever gets you hard….

    • HellHathNoFury

      Captain obvious says no gag reflex=no puke.

  • andyg8180

    Doesnt the girl on the horst look like Vigo from Ghostbusters 2??

  • MissChris

    Atheist cat FTW! lol cats are funny when you attach a quote.

  • LegionDairy

    funny thing is, that “fish” is actually called a mullet. hahahah, theres a dude with a mullet, and then theres a fish called a mullet, hahahahah

  • Moelepo45


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