Bad Santa (25 Photos)

bad santa lead Bad Santa (25 Photos)

  • Sarah

    You have killed the image of santa for me. Thanks. Now I’m scarred for life!! lmao.

  • ipo

    do not want christmas with rico

  • BRIN

    That lead image is so simple, it’s fucking hilarious

  • Ken

    I dig bloody Santa with an Axe.

    Anybody else twisted enough to watch the movie “Bad Santa” every holiday season?

    • Psycore

      You mean Zombie Santa!

  • big dog

    Flashing Santa, drunk Santa and I am robot Santa’s are funny. Santa getting a lap dance is the best, I can hear him now, Ho ho hooooo My Christmas is merry!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ken, it’s not Christmas without watching Bad Santa!! Love the zombie santa, he’s great 🙂

  • aaron

    ZOMBIE SANTA!!!! Sweet.

  • Anonymous

    Emo elves will fuck up christmas.

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  • Ali

    LOL Clif. Exactly. I guess when you’re a ncoeon your eyes don’t work which explains a lot they don’t read and this is why they are so behind in the truth!

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