You’ll never believe what this becomes (15 photos)

a insane sand castle 0 Youll never believe what this becomes (15 photos)

  • orphans rule

    I did not see that coming. how long that must have taken?

  • Ken


  • aaron

    well I would have been surprised except the way the new recent galleries go it does not show the lead picture it shows a random middle picture, so my surprised was ruined, its ok though I am sure I will be surprised by something else today.

  • lowdown

    i still don’t know what it is

    • AJB

      It’s Satan from Dante’s Inferno (he has 3 faces, each eternally chewing on an infamous traitor.) The detail is extraordinary – look at those teeth and the lines around the eyes! I wonder what they add to the sand to make it so cohesive and sculpable.

      Regardless, fucking awesome.

      • billthewelder

        All they add is water though some sculptors purportedly add water with some glycerin. Sand by itself wont stick but add just enough water and it will adhere pretty well even in a large mass such as this one.

      • forge

        Woo!! Somebody who reads books. Yay!!

  • Mr. Irony

    holy shit! Awesome.

  • Lumberjerk

    awesome as hell

  • HellHathNoFury

    Creepy, but amazing talent and attention to detail! I’d probably fall facefirst into the thing while putting the finishing touches.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that is amazing!

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  • Matt

    simply awesome!!!

  • Anonymous

    Jabba the Hut would have been cooler

  • pooper

    This is so kick ass chuck norris would approve.

  • tracker

    Read a fucking book other than comic books! It's obviously based on Dante's Inferno. Any clue what that is or what it's about? ever even heard about it? Written in the 1300's. It doesn't glorify Satan any more than the Bible does.

    • forge

      This, rather it informs the reader what he or she has waiting for him when the end comes. If they don’t play their cards right that is. = )

    • brimlys

      Oh thank heavens someone else knew this! It took a lot of scrolling before coming across someone else who got the reference.

  • Anon

    Hey the guy doing the sculpture has tattoo’s – what a fucking surprise. That prick would completely shit himself if he even met a low level demon. Wanker . . . there are other worlds than this one, be careful what you call up in sculpture dickhead.

    • tracker

      That “Prick” is a Demon! His balls are full with sand from the depths of Hell. He’s got a TATTOO for crying out loud!!! Open your eyes Asshead, you think a mortal could sculpt something like that. Low level demons probably brought him tea while he worked and tried to scribble on their arms with sharpies just to look like. Wake up to the real world Anon! This ain’t a comic book!

    • meme

      Listen up folks, this rant above (and below?) is what happens when you smoke too much of the weed. Big “L”

  • ms s

    I agree with you Anon. An encounter with a low ranking demon would be enough to scare this artist and make him realize that he shouldn’t mess with these spirits. Many people do not realize that demons are drawn to certain objects. Especially like this one. And a person who draws these demons to him and knows nothing about spiritual warfare is a sitting duck. This is an awesome sculpture, but It glorifies satan.

    • forge

      ?? What I have been through in life, if a demon walked up to me and tried to frighten me in some demonic way, I’d tell him to go fetch me a f***ing beer and get over himself. There are things in this world that make the “demon world” look like cheese and crackers and a nice glass of milk.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, you’re serious, i totally agree, that’s why i only make sculptures of unicorns, but now they just bug the hell out of me (sarcasm) are demons and angels your only explanation for things? I’m not an atheist but COME ON!

  • ms s

    but, I do not believe that it is a sin nor a bad thing to have tattoos Anon.
    This could be used as an educational tool. I would love to see more work from this artist. I would like to see the contrasting depiction as well.

    • Alex

      Are you guys ok? xD

      • Anonymous

        yes i ok

    • Anonymous

      I too would like to see pics of this guy getting ripped apart by demons because he made a sculpture of something from a movie. Then I’d know you and Anon weren’t fucking nuts.

  • Joe

    what is this made out of?

  • HellHathNoFury

    I can hardly belive that some of these comments have been more assinine and bizarre than mine. People, this is not WoW or one of your goth-kid books. go outside.

  • felipe

    OMG it’s a sculpture it isn’t real and there are no “other worlds” get over it and enjoy it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such detail in anything like this let alone in sand.

  • Gonz

    generic HHNF comment

  • Ricardo

    É inacreditável como alguém pode gastar tempo e talento fazendo uma escultura ao diabo.

    It is unbelievable that someone can invest his time and his talent (a God gift) in a devil sculpture.

  • shayu

    its wonderful

  • Jaz

    Credits please? Who made it???

  • Anonymous


  • tinky

    i can go potty all; by myslef

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