Daily morning randomness (25 photos)

a random funny 4e 1 Daily morning randomness (25 photos)

  • paid for nothin

    I’d hate winter too if I couldn’t ski, board or snowmobile.

  • P-90

    Leslie Nielsen….sweet.
    Oh and Mr. Bacon FTW.

  • Ken

    Manute Bol 7’6″ & Spud Webb 5’4″

    • paid for nothin

      Good Call, I thought that’s who it was but Spud looks kinda shopped.

      • exexec

        Spud could dunk the hell out of a basketball in his prime. I doubt this is shopped in any way.

  • sticks

    You know us nerds gotta be all gangsta and shit now boy.

  • Charlie

    YO i’ve seen those kids on the subway all the time, they’re great!

  • boneman

    A dragon made of forks and spoons.
    I’m hungry all of a sudden….

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  • km

    I know the tall guy met him in real life

  • kep

    i know the guy on the facebook page… not surprised by that at all!

  • Kyle

    The Chive has come a long way

  • Andy

    Yo homeslice!!! First of all, I’m sorry to hear you are under the weheatr. NO FUN AT ALL! It seems like everyone is sick! Hope you feel better after some sleep Second of all, that first picture is INSANE. I love it! Seems so carefree and fun, plus, I love all the BLUE sky in the photo! Haven’t seen that in awhile. I also ADORE the one of both of us along the Seward HWY!!! SO CUTE! Such a fun day! I miss you and want you back here with me. Finally, Ryland looks like a little angel boy; what a beautiful child. Can’t wait to see more random pics from the summer.

  • Mike

    i own number 3

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