Photobombs away (36 Photos)

bombs away lead Photobombs away (36 Photos)

Congrats, Chivers, you bombed everything over the holidays. Keep ’em coming to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • orly

    lonely bridesmaid ftw!


    3 kids in the pool – look closer

  • McBeastie

    photobombing = Oh look, someone in the foreground is posing while someone in the background is making a sillier pose while the above mentioned foreground person does not realize that the background person is there.
    Freakin comedy gold right there…………yup…………comedy, gold.
    The only saving grace is that there are occasionally hot chicks.

  • swords n' stones

    the black and white photo is truly epic

  • Bad_Obsession

    lol. The lead photo gives new meaning to the words, “photo bomb”. hehe

  • HellHathNoFury

    We all know Vladmir Putin would do that if he were actually there. Yes, black and white photo, that girl on the left is so pretty! That guy must be packin a large…wallet.

    • kiwikaha

      He’ll need that wallet to buy her a burger or 20, then she might put on some weight and start to look attractive….

  • markkens

    The devastation wreaked by the single ass cheek is legendary

  • one booger

    the tennis one is the best ever.

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  • Danny

    Photo 1 is an album insert from the Japanese girl band “Perfume” (Not worth searching for).

  • Real

    People if you have not noticed, MOST OF THE PICS ARE PHOTOSHOP’D , so not cool just to make it look bombed.

  • Noune

    La derniere haha un tecktonik devant la tour eiffel !!

  • smith, will

    am i the only one that noticed three cigars and wiz khalifa?

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