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You’ll never guess what I got in the mail today (14 photos)

a pedo bear costume 01 Youll never guess what I got in the mail today (14 photos)

That’s right, theCHIVE (and Pedobear) are making an appearance in Cancun for “Spring Break 2010”!
Yes, we are too old to go on college spring break.
No, we don’t care you are judging us.
Look for theCHIVE’s entourage, including Pedobear, March 13-19th -and don’t forget ribbons for your pig-tails girls.
pedo bear costume 142 Youll never guess what I got in the mail today (14 photos)

PedoBear Costume made by the fine folks at Calgary Cosplay. Check out more of their badass Cosplay costumes here

  • AG1234

    Really? People are still amused by stupid PedoBear? Why don’t we all just have a Chocolate Rain sing-a-long and watch some Two Girls One Cup reaction videos?

  • Anon


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  • Regina

    eyecandy……you should try Panuu

  • Equalizer

    That sweater is too small for you

  • Rawrbies

    I love the 2nd to the last pic. Made me laugh 😀

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  • kyle

    i looked up the sweat shirt it costs a 175 $ is pedo bear worth that much???? i think so i alredy ordered it.

  • Poulpos

    Epic sweater, I just need one to hang out in town !

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