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Daily Afternoon Randomness (26 Photos)

fart loading lead Daily Afternoon Randomness (26 Photos)

Saw the lead photo today on PeopleofWalMart and couldn’t stop laughing.

  • Laura

    I LOVE Inglourious Basterds! Lol I saw that pic yesterday, I am so glad to see it here!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Upgrade from what? I’m fearful of the answer.

  • My_T_G_D

    Damn 2005 to 2009, The Chic Went From The White Cheddar Cheeto To The Classic Cheeto, Big Difference In Taste…. Um-Nom-NOM-noMMM………. The Little Girl Eating The Puppies Is So Cute:) What Do You Call A Puppy Waggin Its Tail???? Happy Meal…


    chive, you complete me

  • Gonz

    I love it when children eat puppies! Hot dog!

    • P-90

      More like dog breath.

  • love coeds

    twilight lol

  • ladyguitarstar

    whats up with all the reposts?

    • Anonymous

      what’s up with your picture? SICK BURN

      • LOL

        Okay…1st off, ladyguitarstar, you don’t like the reposts, get your own damn site and post your own pictures. 😉

        And anon…if you’re going to dig on someone, have the balls to at least put a fake internet name with the comment. It’s not that damn hard.

        Snow man sex ROCKS!

        And 8 men in the tub, 4 beer bottles on the window sill…WHERE THE HELL ARE THE OTHER 4 bottles?!?!? LOLLLLLLLLLLL

      • HellHathNoFury

        Where I have no issue with reposts, I do have an issue with people who make fun of ladies. Guitar Star doesn’t look trashy, slutty, stupid or like a bitch, and she’s pretty. So when you grow the balls to show your own pathetic face here for the world to judge, we might give a shit about your opinion.

  • shockresistant

    i’m kinda glad we don’t have walmart here…

    no wait, we do. it’s called asda. eeeeek!

    • Indiana Jones

      Yes but thank fuck they are not populated with Americans.

  • Navy Guy

    Put green hair on that one girl and you get an instant Oompa Loompa!!

  • Anonymous

    Mmmmmmm…… sweater….

  • BillyBlaze

    People will buy anything

  • P-90

    You can never have too many cute puppy pics.

  • Ken

    Who knew that it would only take 4 years for a person to turn orange.

    Those are fake!

    Great snow couple(d)!

    Where are the rest of “upgrade’s” shorts….ahhh never mind. I don’t want to know.

  • Regina

    The “lusty lady” looks tempting….

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  • HamerDroper

    Specialized Angel FTW!

  • Ethan

    pic 10 is Cristina del Basso from Italy. Very hot.

  • Haha


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