1999-2009 Decade Facts (7 photos)

a decade facts 1999 2009 0 1999 2009 Decade Facts (7 photos)

Image source: cinema-and-movie.com

  • Beck

    FAIL. 1999-2009 is not a decade but 11 years

    • sage

      but it is 10 years. its not 10 years from 2000 to 2009 but it is only 9 years there for from 1999 to 2009 it is one decade

    • http://thecHlvE.com azeez saka

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  • Anonymous

    Fail fail. “Since” 1999 would be non-inclusive, thus being 10 years.

  • Gonz

    I think the point is how the world changes so dramatically in 10 years, technology has changed so quick. Who knew you would have a touchscreen phone in your hands? I remember hearing about the developer who initially had the idea for a tablet that you could install software into and touch and drag applications on it, now its in the palm of your hand, simply amazing. the internet, crazy. Japan can stream 1 trillion bits per second on a single strand of fiber optic cable, hello 2010 and near future! oh yeah and WIFI vehicles, excuse me while I play COD in my car

  • Anonymous

    BUSH’es fault

  • Annie N. Oymouws

    160 billion songs pirated…as reported by the RIAA and Metallica

  • asasda

    Almost accurate… the US is not the worlds largest economy… the EU is. Write “worlds largest economy” on google and click the first link.

    • ...

      EU isnt a country so it shouldnt count as the largest economy in the wolrd

      • prof.

        wow are you stupid or what? It doesn’t have to be a country to be the largest economy… use google stupid!

  • astrowhiz

    If we are being pedantic I’ll join in by pointing out that 12 million out of the 23 million marriages since ’99 didn’t end in divorce. 12 million out of the total number of people in the country already married ended in divorce, many of whom married before ’99.

  • prof.

    Both asasda and astrowhiz are correct.

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  • habsfanx

    hahahah….. 159 billion songs pirated its my fault come and get me RIAA and metalica

    and what about canada everybody forgets canada if we would vanish the states would be like “did you guys notice that something missing …. nope my mistake “

  • Lol

    And now we know.

  • Loag

    Using google doesn’t make you smart. If you have to use google then you’re just as dumb as the person you’re insulting

  • joeblow

    I would disagree only in the fact that the person using Google was smart enough to reference it.

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  • Always Last


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