WTF /,dʌb(ə)lju tɪ ˈef/

Phrase) 1. Acronym for What the F***.
2. An exclamation used to show extreme surprise or confusion.
3. Something so indescribable that you can only say "WTF?"
4. Mistakenly referred to as "Why the Face" by acronym-challenged parents. You know who you are.

Backstory: These folks have shared work computers. After getting annoyed with people letting them go to sleep - requiring a painfully long login - a bet was made. Every computer lockout was a point against you. The first person to 9 points had to finish a large Wayne Gretzky coffee - that's 9 creams and 9 sugars. A winner (loser?) was declared and with a ton of regret, the #99 coffee was purchased. Could he finish it?

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9 creams 9 sugars and one massive regret (Video)


On this page, you'll find a wide selection of WTF images as well as WTF videos of insane craziness from around the world. Granted, we know that some of these funny WTF pictures are staged, but that’s ok. They are still funny as hell. Chances are that you probably have a couple of WTF meme gifs that you use on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media. You’ll find a collection of WTF gif images here to improve your gif game.


The best funny WTF pictures and memes are those that come out of nowhere. Epic fail moments make for funny WTF memes and often go viral. You’ve seen the auto accident WTF videos where wrecks come out of nowhere. Not only do you go, “WTF?!” but wonder how the people involved didn’t get seriously injured or killed.


Have you ever gone to the beach and seen a horse running along in purple pajamas? How about clouds that look like elephants? What about a car going down the road with an AC window unit hanging out the back? That's the stuff that WTF memes are made of.


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