Somethings are better off left unexplained (25 photos)

a wtf fail stupid 11 Somethings are better off left unexplained (25 photos)

  • Warped

    I can surprisingly do the finger thing

  • Romina

    I know who made the skull cake… Her cakes are awesome!!!

    • LOL

      Who?!? That thing is fuckin’ awesome! A manfriends birthday is coming up…he’d lose his mind if I got one.

      • Romina

        The skull cake was made by Laura at

    • Laura

      More cake pics at

  • BillyBlaze

    How do you let somebody in a wheelchair run you down?

  • Monica

    The skull cake is done by a local Pittsburgh bakery called Sugar N’ Spires. They do amazing, awesome work, including geeky and horror cakes. This one was both creepy and delicious!

  • Gonz

    that’s a sweet woodland critters blood orgy ritual, now all they need is a jew

    • HellHathNoFury

      Don’t use me! *hides big Jew nose*

  • punkuhr

    The 5th picture down looks like Peter from Family Guy’s long lost sister!!!

    • MissChris

      That chick(?) is weirding me out! Totally looks like a dude all the way up til the face…

      • ladyguitarstar

        yeah i saw that, i hope thats just a santa statue.
        Please tell me that those faces for sale are fake. Im gonna have nightmares.

  • Ian

    Now they’re thinking with portals.

  • Erik

    The beer one is from MAD magazine….

  • Megarath

    Pic #3: fine art and performance art are fuckin’ bullshit.

    And, beer DOES go with everything, I want to kick that guy in the harbls for pouring it on the floor.

    • Mark

      LOL, i just noticed that the kid on grandpa’s lap has a glass too. LOL

      • Nightstalker

        Fail: They all do, even the baby in the pram and I think the dog is supposed to be drinking beer too!

  • TheVillageIdiot

    On the first picture,… “Come on down to Bobby’s Gun and Pawn” and check out or just in time
    Back to School Specials!”

  • Anonymous

    way to weird me the fuck out today chive

  • x

    yo dawg I heard you like boobs…

  • shilpa

    Check out little girl’s left hand in #2. LOL

  • Skeeter

    The tits need to be fixed. Way more than a mouthful of????????????????

  • Skeeter

    I sure hope that bathroom is not at a resturant.

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  • anaition

    Title FAIL!

  • simpson

    anyone shop a fractal of the boobs picture?

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