Custom 67 Mustang Obsidian (14 photos)

a 67 mustang obsidian 13 Custom 67 Mustang Obsidian (14 photos)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    meh. Never ask it to turn.

    • LeonardoB

      Who told you?

  • top dog

    Quite Fuck. Thats a nice car.

  • Buns

    All it needs is a naked woman inside and it would be pretty close to perfection.

  • arubadave

    That’s a 68, not a 67. Waste of a nice car.

  • pheref

    the hood is obnoxious

  • jozef

    ferraris look like shit compared to this.

  • billthewelder

    Incredible custom work, looks considerably better than factory.

  • jaydub

    wheres the naked girl mudflaps?….tragic misuse of a classic

  • Bosnialove


    you look like shit compared to me, you fuckin’ jew.

  • Jordo

    I would trade my moms soul to the devil him self for that car

  • aaron

    should be called the obscene, nice job trashing a classic.

  • Aaron

    I’m sure it performs, but 60’s Detroit Muscle+ console computer screen= epic fail.

  • herroprease

    seent that in hot rod magazine….not that great of a mustang, too flashy for me….

  • shakeitbaby

    stop hating coz you ppl can’t afford shit like this. just appreciate. i can fuck every girl i want if i own this shit

  • Wade

    Twin turbos i just jizzed

    • Wade

      oops Superchargers i ment lol

      • codeblue

        was gonna say…. do you not see the belt?

  • robin yates

    looks great,,,,,goes like hell,,,,,,,corners like,,,,,oh shit !!!

  • Joey

    That car is sexy as fuck. All you haters can get back in your toyotas and putter away

  • vitorla

    i just came….

  • dave

    Wow, I can't believe I'm the first…This car was featured in a car mag (sorry, can't remember which or when) and was said to have something like 1.5 mil into the build. This alone is completely stupid but what makes it worse is that it was a complete failure during the shoot. It's twin turbocharged so it makes stupid power but the design had major flaws in the cooling and it overheated and puked antifreeze all over. I'm pretty sure there were a couple of other problems as well but can't remember what they were exactly. Guy will never get anything close to a million for it.

    • codeblue

      It's dual supercharged bro… and it doesn't look like he hooked up good enough intercoolers for the speeds he was spinning them at…

  • Dea9

    If only it wasn't lowered.

  • Goat

    Insure it and burn it..Money back!!!

  • Edison Rodrigues da Silva

    Sabe, um 67……….mas parece mais um "69"…… "tão bom" !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sirgallahad4

    I just felt my dick move.

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