Myspace girls, like Facebook girls only trashier (34 Photos)

myspace girls lead Myspace girls, like Facebook girls only trashier (34 Photos)

  • bryainiac

    i once put this as my facebook status.
    myspace girls are hotter but facebook girls are prettier.

    that girl that is seen wearing the blue shirt and also shown wearing the yellow shirt and blue jeans.
    she is actually my friend and she has been getting photos posted up online a lot recently.
    her name is karen.

  • Rae

    OH FACK, the one that has the “I Heart NY” is Boxxy! O.O

  • smick

    7,20,28. Wouldn’t kick them off of MyFace

  • Nightstalker

    Number 9 is ready for the money shot!
    So Hot!

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  • tommybhoy

    Am not picky these days…..either the girl in pic #13 or the bird with elmo on her thigh

    The rest….lets be honest guys/gals…after 10 beers we would take any of them without question

  • jamen

    girl number 18 has friggin horse face

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  • peteyroberto

    You are so very wrong hellhath…

  • WTF


  • Anonymous

    I hope the poster of the photoshopped Boxxy picture did it in a sense of sarcasm, because that is just sad/hilarious otherwise

  • Yum

    I’m all over number 8.

  • nana

    what? No hot blondes?

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  • shuthehellup

    Anyone else seen the one with the girl posing in the bathroom, and there is a giant terd in the toilet in the back ground??

  • td

    Funny, I didn’t notice until I read this but when I went from Myspace to Facebook the girls got more… clothed. But its worth it, Facebook chicks don’t tend to be on every waking hour.

  • Loves_slutty_girlz

    Every one of these girlz would love a pearl necklace. 🙂

  • LOLMyspace

    Can’t believe you left out the top e-attention whores of Myspace that were internet popular until Facebook pimp smacked them. These whores are worth the add/fap:

  • Mmmm

    God Bless Myspace.

  • Mmmm

    I’m almost tempted to rejoin to see all this free poontang.

  • Wat

    I see Boxxy. 4chan queen!

  • lowdown


  • lowdown

    ALSO, I love the night in Athens post, so slutty and awesome!!!!!

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