Robot art proves that some people need to leave their house…GO (12 Photos)

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500x150 ad unit Robot art proves that some people need to leave their house...GO (12 Photos)

  • bowhuntpa

    pirate robots doing the JERK!

  • uberbrie


  • top dog

    I wonder if these things are functional, if they are, that would be pretty cool.

  • Joe Clyde

    very school. its a conversation piece.

    • Joey

      Ive never understood that would that conversation go?
      “What the hell is this thing?”
      “Oh yeah that, its just a little robot thing I picked up somewhere.”
      Conversation accompllshed! You’re ready for the big time now, like discussing present weather conditions

  • Matt

    thats really cool. I would have loved to see a Terminator in there.

  • OneClownShoe

    Where are the hot robot chicks? Oh gawd! I need to leave my house.

  • robert ball

    That last one is cool.

  • Longtimewatcher Firsttimeposter

    Can’t do the Terminator, but there’s a shop in Rome with robo-Predators and Aliens. There’s even a coffee table on an Alien skull.

  • nosel

    Hey, being obnoxious and nigivg drawn-out stories is MY job.*mumbles* take one day off ONE and some kid thinks he can muscle in on my job newbs..they don’t know nothin about hard trolling.

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