Daily morning randomness (25 photos)

  • justme

    Behold the awesome that is EuroPimp

    • garp

      …the guy clearly has no sense of style, he only has the top FOUR buttons of his jacket done up when all fashion knowledge will tell you it should be the top SIX

  • smile(:

    nice notebook case. can you please post the source or even the name of the brand?

    • frincho

      it’s called BookBook, by Twelve South

  • haha

    Edward Furlong didn’t age well either.

  • uberbrie

    it was funny…get over it

  • Anonymous

    maybe you should go to a site that charges you so you don’t have to see the same FRE E posts……or better yet, develop your own website and post only original yucks and fun.
    Quit complaining titty-baby.

  • LOL

    I’m throwing the “Bullshit” flag on the 13 & pregnant with AIDS thing.

    Tree/tombstone is awesome. 😉

    • Redge

      I agree. The spelling is so bad it must be on purpose.

  • Ken

    Banana lover: she has a bright future.

    Unfinished sculpture: It is fine art already.

    Angry tigers: scary even underwater.

  • P-90

    Oh no the douchebag I captured has escaped from his cage. (See pic 16)

  • Ronin

    Why isnt anyone answering that poor girl’s question?

  • at work

    holy shit…the last two pics are awesome

  • vitorla


  • Anonymous

    that is the most XTREME dog in the world

  • boneman

    hugs not drugs?
    oops…too late. Looks like grandma (grandpa?) has been in the valium one pill too often.
    I suppose it’s too late to move that grave, eh?

    Hey! Looks like a great idea, guys!
    Are you having a snow statue contest?

    • modianos

      i think thats anna nicoles dad :/

      tall guy, short girl…she may be wearing the stupidest shoes ive ever seen.

  • Gonz

    do not question chuck norris and his wood boobs and mouse, wooden chuck norris makes his own women

  • Charlie

    Does anyone know where I can get a laptop sleeve like that one

  • Regina

    Hugs NOT drugs….for sure…riiiiiiiiiiiiiight on

  • Anonymous

    Ummmm last time I checked, the internet IS free. But that doesn’t mean it can be lazy and has to suck

  • Oh sheet!

    The 2nd last picture, it’s tiger shark!

  • DutchieLover

    you might be cool, but you will NEVER be twelve popped collars cool. Is that bulletproof?

  • Razi

    1 is actually a miniature. Not shopped at all.

    • Razi

      Oops wrong post.

  • FreakyDan

    O crap I’m drowning… O CRAP A TIGER!

  • Underhill

    Anyone know where to tombstone / tree photo was taken??
    Appreciate an answer.

  • Anonymous

    So that chick is 13, shes pregnant, has aids, a 12 year old lesbian lover, and shes illiterate

    I dont think i wanna live on this planet anymore

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