This car isn’t human (4 Photos)

The Chevrolet Aveo was remodeled by a car factory in Florida to look like an Extra Terrestrial Vehicle, or ETV if you will. The results…unstable.


  • cckl

    looks like shoe

  • Eirik

    Is this thing able to stand up, and does it have arms and legs?

  • Jay

    I read something about this a long time ago. It was once a Chevy Aveo believe it or not. It also isn't street legal, so it's essentially just a really nice toy.

    • Frank

      wow, you mean in the title where is says it was an Aveo, it is actually an Aveo? amazing

  • Shadow Sterks

    I want one!

  • top dog

    If all it’ll do is sit there, I don’t want one.

  • BugBait

    “This car isn’t human” as opposed to all those human cars out there.

    • mook

      I like you flailing arm plus sign. I say we team up and take over the chive.

  • vitorla

    Looks stupid.

  • Krashtester

    I was going to make a car like this, but then I remembered…I’m not an r-tard!

  • boneman

    sorry. No sympathy for a company that sells gas guzzlers…
    I ain’t no salesman, but, dang. They look cool, they are fast! and they get 300 MPG!
    (once more, in case you think that’s a typo….)
    only two states, so far, manufacture them…California and Texas.

  • mook

    So because it is rounded means its a futuristic car?

    What is this 1950?

  • aaron

    who is this bob fellow making these posts

  • Equalizer

    how do you change the tire?

  • Cole

    Course its not human its a car!
    But tis awesome.

  • Manny

    I've seen this car on the New Jersey Parkway… So I guess it's street legal, but ugly as sin…

  • Orion

    Great, now give King kong his dildo back

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