Auroras: the one thing the North Pole has that I want (34 photos)


  • Lars

    want to reach out and touch it

  • Matt

    auroras are so awesome. very pretty.

  • Big Bob

    It’s definitely on my bucket list of things to see!

  • Gonz

    and I say to myself, what a wonderful world

  • Ken

    In the shot taken from low orbit (looking at the aurora on edge), you can see on the Earth a white ring, I think that is the Manicougan Impact Crater in Quebec. If so, it is 40 miles in diameter and 200 million years old. It is visible because it has been flooded and used as a reservoir.

    • jeff in Australia

      Which # pic are you referring to,? from the top down…
      The only orbit pic I can see has, surprise, surprise, Australia in it..!

  • Bjorn Hugo

    Many of these photos are shot around my hometown Tromsø in Norway. So it is not on the North Pole, not far away. To enjoy Auroras you just have to be above the arctic circle.

    Ersjfjorden on Kvaløya.
    Blåmann on Kvaløya.

  • Anonymous

    there’s a pic of the south pole there :O

  • Joey

    mmmmmm…, radiation.

  • kma

    No auroras on the North Pole, too far north.

  • top dog

    The first time some people saw this they thought the World was coming to an end, and some nuts still think that. If I had to name this I would call it….”The planet making it’s own art”. What beauty.

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