In honor of Danica Patrick’s big sixth place finish in Nascar (12 photos)

She might not be a 10…but she’s no 3 either.

  • wilkes

    the fact that she’s a pro ads 3 points auto

    • buclover

      What is her true hair color? It’s black in all her photos but brown on TV in interviews.

  • Balls deep

    as nice as the pictures are #8 is kind of odd, what hot woman just has a nascar helmet and big ass watch on while posing at a beach?

    • top dog

      The kind that has sponsors. I think they are footing the bill for this.

    • LOL

      She’s wearing a watch? Where?

      Ohhhhhhh there it is. I had to go back & look. Yep. Watch. Sure enough.

      Sad that you noticed it. ??? LOL

  • HardCore Mike

    Fake Cobras turn me off… of course, if it were real, she would have put huge dents in the aluminum body by laying on it. Oh well… being a hot pro does count for something I guess.

  • bktscrambler

    Actually, it was an ARCA race. Not NASCAR. But hey, who cares, she’s hot.

  • top dog

    For somebody that drives for a living she look damn good. There are a lot of so called models that would love to have a body like that..she actually has meat on her bones. Hungry!!

  • rusty

    I don’t understand why people think she is so hot. Look to tennis for hot professional athletes.

    • Woody

      Stop beating off to Andy Roddick and Roger Federerererer, dumbass.

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  • Jeffroe in Frederick

    There are numerous hot girls racing now. Do google searches on Ashley, Brittney or Courtney Force, Sarah Fisher, Angelle Sampey, Liz Halliday, katherine legge,Michele Bumgarner, Melanie Troxel, Erica Enders, Milka Duno (Some think she’s hot, (I do) some say she looks like Michael Jackson (Strangely I do as well) Erin Crocker (Looks like a geek in some pics, totally hot without her racing glasses, I’ve seen her dolled up at a banquet and she’s gorgeous) There are others I am forgetting but there are lots of hot chicks driving race cars these days and I love it!

  • C

    She’s totally ordinary looking and she can’t drive worth crap. Why does she get any attention? She’s won one race that I’m aware of, and almost crashed in her first Nationwide race.

    • Anonymous

      Does the name Anna Kournikova ring any bells? Terrible at tennis. Hot as hell.

      • top dog


  • Joey


  • K

    Would love to see the ladies that the guys who rip on her are with. She is not a super model you morons, she is an attractive race car driver. Also to the idiot who says she has only won one race, thats 1 more than a lot of the guys who race against her.

    • Joey

      Save your “morons” and “idiots” for somewhere else douchebag. I think you’ve already seen who most of them are with, since that would be your mama. For someone who’s not a super-model there sure are a lot of pictures of her tits and ass. And for someone who’s a race car driver she’s not all that either. Pretty half-assed at both. Sticking up for her isn’t going to get you laid.

      • ASShole

        You never got with Monica, Phoebe, or Rachel. You, my friend, are a loser.

  • top dog

    I tell you what, I would hate to see the men drivers in a two piece, THATS why she get so much attention, she looks better in a two piece, or a one piece as far as that matters. Hungry!!

  • P-90

    Sexy sexy woman.

  • Maynard B

    hopefully, she's as fast in bed as she is on the track.

  • its_forge

    Auto racing bores me but this woman's keister is divine. I don't know why there are so few photos from that angle, hers is probably among the top 10 or 15 finest asses in the world today.

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