Bizarre trucks just because (19 Photos)

Some men have a dream. Others paint their semi-trucks.

  • confused

    some of those are awesome

    • mook

      Some yes, but all of them are stupid red neck works of art.

      • Fuzzybeard2016

        Those stupid redneck works of art and their plainer brethren are what bring nearly everything that you need to live to you, at least indirectly.

  • Ken

    Very tasteful.

  • Royale_with_Cheese

    You should check out the trucks in Japan. Just as if not more awesomely “tricked” out.

  • Sticks

    2, 5 and 14 look pretty awesome.

  • inked

    Odd, thats like pimping a fork lift truck

    • billthewelder

      Yea these really look like forklifts.

  • billthewelder

    You’ve got tricked out cars and bikes and regular trucks so why not semi trucks? These may not go fast like a mustang or a tricked out honda but they’re powerful vehicles that can do things that none of the others can do. I know a few people who drive these trucks and I did at one time and there are those who could give two shits about how it looked while others love their trucks and take great care of them and still others that deck them out to various levels though not to the above degree but there are many people out there that do this and the cost can and does go far beyond that of a tricked out Camry.

    • mook

      Awesome. That is a lot of neat stuff you wrote.

  • Pedro

    They’ve got nothing on the Bandit and Snowman!

  • Sweet Jimmy

    I can’t tell if number 8 is Simon Pegg, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Russel Crowe painted on the side of the rig. Whichever it is…. WTF?!

  • aasen

    Which state has that kind of license plates?

    • Anonymous


    • Simpson

      They are european trucks. The second is dutch.

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