• Alan

    If they showed the US in 1957 vs 2009 it wouldn’t look better

    • sock puppet

      Some might disagree with you. Sure, we have a lot of nice toys now but there’s a lot to be said about living in simpler times.

      • pundit

        yep the good old days of 1957 where the Negroes, foreigners and women knew their place….

        • ing



    • BobPlant

      ok OLD guy

  • Big Bob

    You’ve got that right Alan!

  • Hehe

    The classic cars look miles better

    • aaron

      I agree…but the cars shown are anything but “classic” cars in the late 70’s-early 80’s were ugly, slow, and poorly built. That 78 Mustang almost killed the brand.

      Now 1955-1970, that’s another story.

  • God

    All these revivals of classics look awful.

  • Mike

    cause Russians made something perfect in ’78, it didn’t need improvement so far

  • Irwin109

    The Larda is a tank! It’s awesome!

  • bryainiac

    ohhh man, the russia one really caught me off guard and i started laughing really hard.

  • WTF

    That is not a mustang that is a pinto

    • Jesus Christ

      No it's not, it clearly has the Mustang on the grill. Whatever Mustangs suck anyway.

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