• zork

    …and how many came from a Fark photoshop contest circa 2008 or so?

  • McBeastie

    That was a fucking great post. Nice job to all the ‘shoppers involved.

  • chiverheckler

    14, 15, 21 and 22 were great! Thanks Chive, this made my day!

  • MrLoud

    This made me lose my breath on ROFLMAO

  • Anonymous

    I guess theChive is the new ebaums/lolcats, just hope you guys don’t make as much money ripping off content as they do.

  • Jon

    I guess theChive is another addition to site that steals content like lolcats/ebaums. Just hope you guys don’t make as much ripping off as much as the latter do.

  • Sweet Jimmy

    Anonymous and Jon, I hope you two don’t benefit as much from the invention of the tampon as much as its intended user base do.

    • Sweet Jimmy

      But somehow, I doubt it.

  • antithis61

    I knew that girl in high school. This shit is old, it came out like 6 or 7 years ago, but she was such a whiny bitch most of them had to be taken down from the original site. But thanks to somethingawful, 4chan, and fark it lives on. But seriously this meme is older than time its self.

  • victor frankenstein

    I guess because of its ancient age it’s not as funny as it appears to be?

  • Alice

    Hi, seven years ago called, they want their meme back. What next, Star Wars kid?

  • Timebomb

    I was just laughing so hard during this entire post I started crying

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  • cuda

    Classic post

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