Won’t do lightspeed, will do awesome (8 Photos)

yoda xwing 2 Wont do lightspeed, will do awesome (8 Photos)

This X-Wing was spotted far from the Degobah system at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott. In town for Anime L.A., the X-Wing Fighter car mod is known as an H-Wing (Honda). We did a little digging and found out the car was built by a fan named Shawn (who goes by Obi-Shawn), and is his EVERYDAY car. He drives it to over 160 charity and community evens a year dressed as Obi-Wan with the Yoda, a fully functioning puppet, in tow.

(Photo Source. Photos taken by the lovely Shannon Cottrell )

  • HellHathNoFury

    I’ll show him my Leia buns if he shows me his light saber.

    • katsuo11

      Haha, nice one!

  • Dingo

    that is a sweet car

  • Megarath

    pew pew pew!!!

  • schnit123

    There’s a guy in Edmond, OK (the suburb to the north of Oklahoma City) that drives a pickup made to look like an X-Wing. I don’t know who he is, but anyone you talk to in Edmond can tell you about the X-Wing sightings.

  • vitorla

    Bop-bop-dee-dop, Omni-Bot, Omni-Bot.

  • Regina


  • http://www.freewebs.com/555666 Irwin109


  • Frearthandox


  • Dohrin

    isnt that more like the A wing than the X wing? sorry im a star wars nerd and know the diff

    • theforceiznotw/u

      Well, you would be correct…. if you didn’t fail. The “A-Wing” doesn’t use an astromech droid.
      And, it has a completely different paint scheme.

      • samps

        you are correct about A-wings not using astromech droids, but wrong about the paint scheme, the top of an x-wing nose was white and the squadron color was on the side, the top of an a-wing nose was painted with the squadron color and the side was white.

  • Ken

    Wow, thatza sharp Yoda!

  • Anonymous

    not much says “I’m a nerd” like this

  • MacheteJack

    See, at some point in nerdom, you go from getting no chicks to getting all kinds of chicks. This dude has passed that point going plaid.

  • ladyguitarstar

    i’d drive it.

  • Gonz

    I love being a star wars fan and star trek! There is no other cult that I would rather be part of, oh and fuck off if you tell me to choose one or the other, its not possible. each one is brilliant in its own sense, love you all.

  • Ken

    “…and fuck off…love you all.”

    Norman Bates, is that you?

  • Anonymous

    Awesome. Is this thing street legal?

  • Shadow Sterk

    Sorry buddy but thats no match for my Death Star safari van!

  • heffae

    as someone who has had 6 Star Wars license plates, it's been totally awesome to see it driving around LA…

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