• huh

    To be fair, for some of these women there are a lot of parts that are only a few years old.

  • Hannah

    A lot of them are old photos but it makes no difference as recent photos will show you they look pretty much the same. Nicole Kidman doesn’t deserve to be on this list as her face is stuffed with so much botox she can’t show human emotions anymore

  • schango

    I would so let them make me dinner and tuck me in.

  • LOL

    Another missing one…Sandra Bullock. 😦

  • Anthony

    heather locklear

  • ladyguitarstar

    Catherine Zeta is actually 47, source blindgossip dot com. ‘Twas a revealed item.

  • forge

    Okay one, plastic surgery and Botox; two, these women are all genetic lottery winners; three, PHOOOOO TOOOOOO SHOOOOOOOP and four, a LOT of these pictures are from YEARS ago. I mean still, frick they’re all so gorgeous, but c’mon, let’s shoot for at least having current photos.

    Well, Courteney Cox? I still think she looks like Skeletor. But meh.

  • Paicey

    Stop the press! Photoshop exists!

  • MichaelGS

    What about Cindy Crawford?

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  • Phil


  • Anonymous

    Heather Graham just turned 40.

  • Frank

    They forgot my future wife…..Shania Twain..(hahaha)

  • BigBlueSky

    And not a hint of make-up among them!

  • nelson

    number 19, did they “smudge” her nipple from showing??

  • Anonymous

    No Marisa Tomei? Come on!

  • big swagg

    I did not know nicole kidman was that old. She is gorgeous. But what about Stacy Dash? How could you forget the most beutiful one of all


    U missed CHER

  • trevor


  • andy

    add stacey dash or list is shit

  • Always Last


  • nouu

    stop focusing so much on age fucktards, your all gonna be there soon.

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