Guitars that send a message–what that message is I’ll never know (18 Photos)


  • Brandon

    Skwisgaar would love a lot of these. Except for #18 – that's a "grandpas guitars".

    • Si1entStatic

      Brutal Thumbs up for Dethklok reference…..

  • Captain Awesome

    Wow, I’d like to see wangcaster in action..

    • Paul

      Freddy Mercury would’ve loved to see it too.

  • MichaelGS

    #’s 1, 2, 7, 10, 14 = fap fap fap

  • HardCore Mike

    #2 is the signature “Queensryche’ model.
    #8 – Rick Nielson (Cheap Trick) would probably want this guitar.
    #16 is Michael Angelo Batio and he can play both necks simultaneously. FAST.

  • smackhead

    your mother plays #11 like stevie ray vaughn after his cup of coke and coffee!!

  • etchasketchasaurus

    Baito is ridiculous….I want one of those Guntars!

  • aaron

    sega genesis FTW!

  • Soulforged

    im pretty sure the msg is “Im highly unplayable/impractical”

  • NERDS!

    I’m pretty sure the message is “Turn it up to 11.” The Pac-man and Koopa Troopa guitars are awesome.

  • Damn

    #13 is a Mandolin

    • hdmamainca

      yes, it is… someone other than me recognizes them… yay, i think…

  • confused

    finally a good use for a dreamcast

  • (A)

    Pac-man and koopa troopa bothe say “I fuck nerdy chicks(/dudes)” the dreamcast screams “I’ve never had sex with anyone”

  • vitorla

    I love the finished headstocks on some of these.

  • at work

    7 and 14 are pretty awesome

  • ladyguitarstar

    Most of these probably sound like shite. I want the koopa one though, even if it does. Who can play the giant guitar? Who?!

    • hdmamainca

      well the giant guitar/grandpa guitar is really a MANDOLIN, so ….
      also… been a long time looker, first time poster so be nice please….

      • ladyguitarstar

        Oh ok, well who can play that mandolin?

        And im always nice. Unless youre a tool.

  • HellHathNoFury

    i promise i’ll learn to play if you give me the koopa!

    • vitorla

      You don’t want to learn on a leftie.

      • God

        It looks like a lefty, but it’s strung for a righty.

  • dr3w

    Dreamcast Guitar fuuuuuuuuck yeahh!!! The Mega-Drive/Genesis one is rad too.

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