Vancouver Olympic highlights (28 Photos)


  • Anonymous

    Hummm, are our neighbors to the south a little bitter of losing the gold medal hockey game? If there was any hockey photo to be shown it should have been the overtime winner, not an insignificant goal by the Swiss….

    • Anonymous

      i didn’t know Mexico had a hockey team they were fielding. wait oh your Canadian, so America is you southern. ah i get it. and no we couldn’t care less that we lost in hockey. but on a side note don’t you think you should have done better at your own national sport?

      • Nateb123

        I’m really not trying to rub it in but I’ve seen this a lot recently and it’s pretty laughable. Americans going “We don’t care you won” who were just a day ago screaming “Suck it Canada!” when Parise scored. Glad you’re so unemotional about the whole affair lol

      • Anonymous

        it’s funny, for all you Americans who don’t care about hockey and don’t care you lost the gold, you sure complain about it alot…. oh, and on a side note tell me again who won the last two world baseball classics? I thought that was America’s game?…. you’re upset you lost the gold, own it!

      • dougster3000

        Actually, the official national sport of Canada is lacross.

        • Matt

          I’m sorry Canada we can’t here you over all the clanging medals we have…

          • Nateb123

            It’s okay. We get that you’re a nation that values quantity over quality. I know if I went to the olympics, I’d be super stoked about all those silvers and bronzes I got…

          • tattooedcats

            you can’t “here” us? it would be easier to take you seriously if you could “SPELL”!!!

      • habsfanx


        • Shadow Sterks

          Doesn’t it strike anyone that we have a population of 34 million in Canada and we finished 3rd in the medal ranking plus broken the gold medal record with that oh so sweet victory over those wannabees below our great nation and there’s 10X more people down there. SUCK IT USA we are better then you bitches!

  • dougster3000

    Canada 3 USA 2
    – suck it bitches!

    • Big Bob

      Yep, Canada played a great game, there is no denying that. The Americans came close to winning so hats off to both teams. Sure us Americans wish we had won but in reality, most Americans don’t watch or care about hockey (myself excluded..go Flyers!) Had this been an American Football, Baseball or Basketball loss, there would be much more bitching about the loss, kind of like how the Russians are reacting now.

      See you on the basketball court in the 2012 games. We’ll even spot you Canadians 30 pts to keep it close!

      BTW – I’d love to see MMA introduced into the olypmics! Now that would be intense!

  • sploosh

    Ah, the spirit of sportsmanship. Nice, very nice. Seriously, though, congrats to ALL the participants. Even if you didn’t win the gold, you are the elite at what you do!!!

  • z28js

    It’s Canada’s sport. There shouldn’t be any doubt which country would win, 53% of NHLers are Canadian.. and yet it took overtime just to even the record in the tournament to 1-1.


    • Nick4444

      You are right, hockey is our sport. However, USA has a ton of support for athletes (not saying Canada doesn’t any). Also, we’re not freaking hockey gods. It’s not like we’re on this ridiculously higher level.

      • Nateb123

        There is also the fact that we have less than a tenth the population to draw our talent from. The talent per capita pretty much puts every other nation to shame.

        • Big Bob

          That’s a good point. Canada does have a much lower population. One fact you’re leaving out is the % of kids that play in each country. I don’t have the numbers in front of me but it’s probably safe to say that nearly every kid in Canada plays, or at least has played, hockey at one point in his/her life. Outside of floor hockey (plastic sticks and plastic pucks) in PE class in school, most American kids have never touched the sport. So maybe…5 to 10% of American kids have played ice hockey? Just a guess. My point is that the actual number of people that grew up playing hockey in both countries could be fairly close, though probably still leaning in Canada’s favor. Just my 2 cents.

          • Bobsdad

            @Big Bob, you are an idiot.

            Even using your magical numbers Americans have a larger talent pool. .10x300million = 30 million , So unless 100% of Canadian kids play hockey (highly unlikely) Canadians have less to chose from. Think about what ur saying, even with your made up numbers you sound like an idiot.

            • Big Bob

              And you sound like an asshole.

              Magical numbers? What numbers did I make up? Are you saying that more than the 5 to 10% of American kids DO play ice hockey? Not sure why you felt the need to go on a rant. I even said things like “I don’t have the numbers in front of me” and “maybe”. Relax dude, it was just speculation. I wasn’t calling NateB123 stupid at all for his statement. I was just saying that a far larger percentage of Canadians play hockey. There is no denying that. Even with a 10x times population in the U.S. (roughly 10x- so I don’t get accused of “magic numbers” again), Canada might have more kids playing ice hockey than America does. Unless an American kid grows up in the northern states, it is very unlikely that he’s ever played. I grew up in Oregon and of all the guys I knew, only 2 of them (they were brothers that moved from Canada!) played it. In a city of 2 million people, I only know of 2 ice rinks here!

            • Anonymous

              He said 5 to 10%. Let’s go with 5% this time. .05 x300 million = 15 million. That is less than half of the population of Canada. So less than half of all Canadian kids have played hockey? Really???

    • dougster3000

      ….Yes, you are.

      • Nateb123

        Hockey is an expensive sport. Most families including my own couldn’t afford it and didn’t want to wake up at 4am most mornings, drive me 50 miles away for practice only to get back home in time for school. That’s the majority’s experience with hockey in Canada. It’s something you play on a frozen pond or with a ball in a street. It just happens that those who do commit to playing in leagues end up with a much greater chance at being in the NHL than any other nation.

        • Cant we all just get along

          +1, finally someone here who gets it.

      • Bobsdad

        the numbers are made up, the point of my post was to show that if you are going to make up numbers to prove a point, at least chose numbers that make sense.
        Sorry Bob for being an asshole, thats just the hockey playin ice fishin canadian comming out. read Nateb’s post and youll see why i would argue that the talent pools are fairly even.

        Either way, who cares it was an awesome game regardless of outcome and we are all lucky to have seen it . . . . . . how did i get into this i dont even like hockey.

        • Big Bob

          Yes it was a great game. I was just pulling numbers out of thin air and couldn’t find anything online that gave real numbers. I would guess that a large number of Canadian kids have played hockey on ice, even if just for fun, while the vast majority of American kids never have. There may be more American kids playing hockey, and I may be wrong about my original statement. If I found out that more Canadians played hockey, it wouldn’t shock me either. There’s a reason why small countries like Portugal, Italy and Denmark beat China and Japan in the world cup…more of them play. Either way, no biggie and no offense was taken. Congrats on the gold.

  • Mattythegooch

    Crosby is still a bitch.

  • whaazzzzup

    @ z28js – we were just toying with you guys… Canada won the the game that actually matters 😉
    As for the ‘national sport’… Hockey is NOT Canada’s original national sport, do a bit of research before spouting our internet trap off…. Our lovely government deceided to add hockey in the 90’s…

    • FAIL!

      @ whaazzzzup – You should actually do some research as well… Modern hockey began in Canada in 1875.
      So although the title of “national sport” may not have been added until the 90’s, the game itself is Canada’s game.

  • garp

    …I ski and snowboard regularily, have curled and played hockey in beer leagues, I tried my hand at biathlon (very difficult) and skeleton (very scary)…us north americans are very lucky to have access to these wonderful activities…good job Canada! good job USA! and at least Shatner didnt’ sing in the closing ceremonies!!!…now, how to get Yuna Kim to let me give her mustache rides while on skates….

  • Yahootie

    I thought the gold medal hockey game was a good game by all. Canada won but I don’t think USA should be ashamed, they played well. I have to wonder if the 1st comment, crying about Canada not having a picture doesn’t make you Canadians look a little insecure. “Boo Hoo nobody noticed us”.

  • z28js

    80% of Canadians watched some part of the gold medal game.

    The other 20% had an ice fishing spot that was too good to give up.

  • somerandomguy

    wheres the pic that showed the german ladies bobsled where one of them got thrown out of it when they flipped?

  • Fats-T

    For those who really want something to debate about, the creation of Basketball is credited to a Canadian yet he was coaching at an American university when it was introduced. Who owns the bragging rights to that? but the real question we should be trying to answer is why wasn’t the photo of the Swedish woman’s curlers kissing after winning gold posted here?

  • whaazzzzup

    @ FAIL….
    Don’t be an idiot.. I know it’s hard.

  • whaazzzzup

    @ FAIL – again…
    So it BEGAN in Canada… Doesn’t make it the National Sport.

    The KKK began in the States, is it the National club?

  • Nateb123

    So this list is missing Crosby’s golden goal, Swedish women making out and German women flying out of a bobsled at 80 mph. Way to go Chive on the crappiest collection of Olympic pics out there…

  • to anonymous @1022am

    We should have done better at our own national sport? Is there some magical medal above gold that I don’t know about?

    • Bobsdad

      i was thinking the same thing…

  • jeff in Australia

    Wow… For a ” we don’t care about hockey ” nation, seems a lot of it’s citizens get irate about loosing….. Well done to all who took part… Even Australia won a few medals..!

    • Big Bob

      Who’s getting Irate? I don’t see even one person here getting anywhere near irate. Do we wish we had won? Sure we do. Who doesn’t want to win? Are we acting like our nation lost a game that we absolutely should have won? Not even close. It’s Canada’s game and everyone knows that. It’s probably the 4th or 5th most watched and played team sport after baseball, basketball, football and maybe even soccer (if you count the kid’s soccer leagues and the Hispanic population’s love for the game). Bad mouth hockey in Canada and it’s like you’ve insulted their Mom! The only person I saw that got irate about losing was the Russian leader that called for the sports leaders to resign.

      • The artist formerly known as bobs dad

        is it bad mouthing hockey in canada and badmouthing canadian hockey?
        And i think its more of a problem of Canadians being very sensitive to feeling disrespected, could be anything “Canadian” not just hockey.

      • Nateb123

        So what you’re saying Big Bob is that you’ve never met a Canadian? Because honestly, where has this bad mouthing of hockey fiction you’ve created coming from? I know plenty of people that go “Hockey? Meh” and people don’t give two sh!ts. It’s just that we don’t react well to being told we suck at hockey (even if we don’t) and that by proxy we suck as a nation.

        • Big Bob

          Actually Nate, I’ve met plenty of Canadians as I’ve spent some time there. Mostly in Vancouver watching the Flyers when they play there. Everyone I met was really cool and friendly, even though I was an opposing fan in the Canuck’s arena. My statement was just a generalization about how much Canadians love their hockey, and I guess anything that represents their country (like any citizen of any country would). I don’t hate Canada at all. From what I’ve seen of it (Vancouver, and Victoria), it’s a beautiful country. Hell, I even own a Crokinole board…now THAT’S Canadian!

      • jeff in Australia

        OK… perhaps the word should have been upset rather than irate.. In actual fact, it is rather refreshing not reading ” douche bag” or some other nonsense, ( there are so many better ways to insult, as opposed to showing your lack of imagination..) that these pages usually carry. Once again well done to all who competed, winners or not, Canadians, or Americans and all the other nations, you are your countries best, you should all feel proud.

  • Laura

    15 = The most glorious pants ever.

  • vitorla

    Julia Mancuso is a babe.

  • Anonymous

    Canada not only kicked usa’s ass in hockey, we won more gold.

    Anything to say, bottom-bitches?

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