Joshua Hoffine – Making of THE BABYSITTER (10 photos)

Check out the full detailes of Joshua’s horror photography here and visit his website here to purchase very reasonably priced prints.

  • Brandon

    This guy’s work is pretty awesome.

  • slutifer

    srsly, whos gonna hang this stuff in their rooms? i dont find his photos interesting

  • aaron

    good to see HHNF in one of his pieces of work.

    • Anonymous


    • HellHathNoFury

      How the hell does that look anything like me? Oh, I get it. You’re trying to make a jab at me! Cute. try harder.

  • Ken

    HHNF’s favorite Chive artist! Maybe she’ll once again share with us her theory that all horror fans are repressed violent killers living vicariously through the genre.

    I think his stuff is great because it captures the essence of the nightmare which is a universal human experience. If that isn’t a suitable subject for art then I don’t know what is! Still, I don’t think I would hang one over the fireplace.

  • yo

    thought i would post to share my disinterest in this piece of art to the rest of the chive.
    i doubt any of you care though…

    damn im lonely 😦

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