Attack of the fupa (22 Photos)

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  • trav1148

    Whatcha gonna do with all that gut, all that gut inside them jeans???

  • btylerjr

    Disgusting. These people should be ashamed. If it’s a glandular thing and they try to be active and healthy, that’s one thing. I strongly suspect 99% of them are just lazy, disgusting people w no self respect. Put down the donut and walk your fat ass around the block!

  • Brenna

    I think a lot of these people are fashion victims, really. I think that’s mostly their stomachs and their pants are just too high.
    But perhaps this is only wishful thinking…

    • Anonymous

      Not just fashion victims.
      have you ever seen one of these people in a bathing suit or naked?
      There’s actually like a second flap under their actually stomach..

  • top dog

    More Stomach Than Ass is what this should be called, or NOASSATALL, or FATASSALLYALL.

  • keith

    im gonna skip the gym today. apparently im not even close to fat yet

  • Nublet

    You people are idiots. The majority of these people look like they are type 2 diabetics, which the majority of YOU probably think comes from eating too much sugar. There are actually some pretty good theories that it’s a genetic mutation that comes from survival technique of fat storage through times when food was scarce. Food is obviously not scarce right now, and it’s not so good for those people that inherited it. They need to exercise a lot more, and eat a lot smarter than you do. Save your self-righteousness and willingness to shoot someone for something else. You’ll expect pity for something that was your ancestor’s fault later, and you’ll probably get it…assholes. You’ll QQ because you got lung cancer because you smoked, even though you were ripe for cancer, or some other bullshit. I’m so tired of the fatty fun brigade.

    And these are stomachs. Not pubic areas. Learn some anatomy. Idiots.

  • Jaroff

    I love the cat in #5

  • Barry

  • david

    lets be honest here… Americans are fat slobs. Statistically speaking 2/3rds of the american population is overweight. Out of 10 can only expect 3 to 4 to not be overweight. Don’t believe me? take a trip down to local walmart and behold… almost everyone there is fat.
    it’s disgusting.

    • isac

      poor people in walmart => cheap/fast food
      cheap/fast food=>fatty people
      so walmart customers => fatties

      david: what u said about statistics doesnt apply in walmart, as seen in the analogy

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  • Anonymous

    This collection didn’t even garner my attention. These photos amount to about five minutes of people watching in St. Helens, Oregon.

  • Migwell

    8, 9, and 10 are exactly what I imagine everyone on a cruise to look like.

  • Bridgette

    finger lickin’ good 😉

    these people have to be the most attractive people I have ever laid eyes on.

  • Des

    Ahhhh, but when she sheds those tight pants, lays back on the bed, and I ease into that soft warm….

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