How to build a tandem unicycle (13 Photos)

  • Fuzzybeard2016

    OK, now let’s see two people actually RIDE it!

  • Damn

    That’s what I like to see…you have to drink a Fat Tire while building a Tandem Unicycle

  • kirts197

    I think the pedals would be a prob
    tandem unicycle=tandem fail

  • Ronin

    “How”? Is’nt “WHY” the more important question?

  • shane

    i feel like only a set of twins have the mental coordination to operate one of these.

  • Chris

    Someone attempting to ride one of those… it looks like if you’re coordinated enough (and of equal weight) you can make a pretty good go at it with some practice. My first thought was that there just isn’t enough room for two people to pedal properly.

    • Chris

      And naturally, I forgot the link:

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    […] How to build a tandem unicycle […]

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