Instant Karma: Woman bow hunting carp gets jaw broken by fish (9 Photos)

karma fish Instant Karma: Woman bow hunting carp gets jaw broken by fish (9 Photos)

Doesn’t get much stranger than this. It’s called ‘Extreme Aerial Bowfishing’. The sport was born out of the massive overpopulation of Asian Carp in the Illinois River. Each year residents take to the river with bows and literally shoot the jumping carp out of the air. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel until one bow hunter, Jodi, became the hunted. In an instant, a rogue carp leaps from the water and breaks Jodi’s jaw.
The amazing images were captured by Field and Stream photographer Bill Konway.

  • chillfest

    awesome capture! I mean, nevermind

  • Mike d

    i’d hit it. I mean, nevermind

  • Zantear


  • Mustafa_Beer

    She looked good in the first pic. But who wants to kiss something that smells like fish?

  • wymer100

    That’s in Peoria, IL. Hope she’s okay.

    • Kelly

      Fuck Peoria

  • amcdo012

    hahaha. shes thinkin “im boutta shoot one of these mah fuckas” then BAM. fish owns her jaw. hahahahaha

  • dan

    srsly? hahaha

  • Yanush

    that’s one hot ‘neck

  • Anonymous

    do you have to be hot chick to use a bow? seems like they all are!

  • BGill

    yep… this is Peoria for ya. We get posted on the chive… but not for sweet chicks in bathing suits or for something badass…. but instead for our redneck carp bow-hunting chics. Haha, seriously though, those carp are incredibly annoying.

  • mook

    She is training to take a hot load of sturgeon to the face! I mean, nevermind

  • top dog

    Thats why you use dynomite… awww I’am just kidding. People gotta learn, you can’t turn everything into a sport. Sooner or later it will come back to bite you, either in the ass or in this case, the face. She won’t be getting a date for a while.

  • top dog

    Thats a big ass fish.

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  • trav1148

    wow, thats surreal

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    • Jim Beau

      Idiots like you make the world go around

  • Cara


    • Jim Beau

      Open ass, insert head!

  • gonzomania

    Carp Norris

  • Robi5150

    That would be so much fun with an uzi! Little dangerous for anyone on the shore however. Could also make for a nasty river with blood and floating fish everywhere. Game on!

  • nouu


  • nouu

    do they sale the carp to the black people in town? cause blacks love carp.

    • Jim Beau

      Yes they do, and watermelon

  • Buffet

    The other chic is hot.

  • Anonymous

    Shes no longer good for sucking dick. =(

  • rolls

    Shes no longer good for sucking dick. =(

  • MichaelGS

    they were bound to retaliate sooner or later

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