What ever happened to BBQ and ranch flavored chips? (29 Photos)

  • gee gee

    MMMMMMMM Walkers. Anybody remember hedgehog flavoured crisps from the early 80’s?

  • Crystal

    Oooh I love 10 😀 One of my favourite chip flavours

  • CHG

    Paprika chips are close to the most popular flavor in many countries

  • Anonymous

    Do you guys not have ketchup chips int the states? I don’t understand how that’s bizarre, they’ve been around for years…

    • Evan

      I dont get how the USA doesnt have ketchup chips. Most americans Ive met love ketchup, to me it makes sense to put it in chip form. Plus they are fucking awesome!!

    • Brandon

      Can’t believe they don’t have ketchup either. Most of the ones above though are from England. They have some seriously weird taste in “crisp” flavours.

      • LMMFAO

        nope. No ketchup flavored chips here. I wouldn’t want any either though i do like ketchup. Weird, right?

        • http://dolphinstarcube2.wordpress.com 1337drewby

          I’ve seen ’em around before, just never been possessed to purchase and/or ingest them… are they really good?

    • Dennis

      I’ve seen them here in the US before, also in Canada. Not a fan at all. One thing I liked about going back to Canada was the Dill chips. For a long time they were hard to find. Now I can get them at my local market. Pringles have an extreme flavor, but it just burns off my taste buds.

    • Anonymous

      no kidding. ketchup and smokey bacon have been around forever in canada anyway. I tried Roast beef and gravy flavored in England. Crazy how dead on the flavour was.

  • Justme

    Ketchup chips are here but rarely found. A few novelty bags here and there. Easier to find a bag of crab chips (very common – didn’t even make the list) than ketchup

    • the weirdo

      WTF??? crap chips or crab chips?

      • Yo dogg

        Crab Chips. Made with Old Bay seasoning. Pretty popular here in Maryland. Intense but good.

  • MichaelGS

    the “chili & chocolate” and “cajun squirrel” were for a short run competition where the public made flavours you missed “fish & chips” though, that was good. I wanna try mango flavour

    • P-90

      The fish an chips crisps were fucking disgusting.

  • Eirik

    Mmmmm – lamb and mint. Kiwi taste, that’s sick.

  • luongold

    You guys missed out on the Walker’s Builders Breakfast! Ham egg and sausage flavour

    • Andrew

      But they were fucking horrible

      • Anonymous

        they won though

  • doo

    most of those sound great. I concur, paprika flavour are awesome. Prawn cocktail, not so much (and they’ve been around since at least 1980)

  • confused

    hmm i seem to be hungry for some reason

  • Aionicks

    Worchester sauce, BBQ Rib & Prawn Cocktail aren’t that bizarre… you can buy them in packs of 6 here in the UK .

    • MichaelGS

      not to mention the bacon and roast chicken (albeit the bacon has a different colour Packet)

  • Nathan

    Roast Chicken is big here in Canada, as is Ketchup, in Fact i had Roast Chicken Last night..with my MooseLight Beer…

  • justme

    Crab chips are simply chips with Old Bay Seasoning on them. Old Bay Seasoning is what east coast people put on the crabs prior to steaming them. Makes for a spicy crab. A kin in flavor to spiced shrimp.

  • x-nun

    Pringles has a “nightclub” flavor. I figured they would taste like booze and stale cigarettes. They weren’t. While they still tasted kinda funny, I think it was white cheddar of some sort. My favorite in japan are the pizza potato chips. They have bits of what im pretty sure is real pizza grease.

  • walkers crisps FTW!!!!

    lol they think prawn cocktail, worcester sauce and BBQ rib are strange, they are classic flavours in the UK 🙂

  • KD

    Just another reason America is better than Canada i guess.. Drinking age in the U.S 21, in Canada 19, in some provinces 18, American youth can’t handle themselves until 21.. ‘Right to bear Arms’ against who?? your own countrymen?? And most of all, no Kectchup chips… But Canada is ass backwards right.. Please…

    • Ron

      LOL @ KD

      5, 7, 11, 20 and 24 are all from Canada and are hardly bizarre flavours. Ketchup chips are hugely popular here (one of my favourites along with dill pickle). There are a few bizarre flavours on this list but most of them aren’t.

      theChive asks “Whatever happened to BBQ and ranch?”. Well, if you want the same old, same old, you can stick to your BBQ and ranch.

  • Nato2101

    ketchup chips are brilliant. So are chili and chocolate. 😀
    Are the Prawn Cocktail ones supposed to be like the Skips crisps? because Skips were scrumptious

  • Holly

    What’s wrong with prawn cocktail? D:

  • Yeasayer

    I ate blueberry flavored Lays when I lived in China. They taste exactly how they sound, disgusting. I washed them down with a brand of beer called “Reeb”

  • reinhard

    So just to let everyone know, 16 and 17 are absolutely delicious, are very common in Germany, and just taste like a nice spicy chip!!

  • Candy

    Ah Ketchup, still suprised it’s not found in the states, but it’s everywhere in Canada..

  • Anonymous

    What about Hamish & Andy’s Smiths chip limited run of Gravy flavored chips.

  • alextc

    l like ketchup but would not like ketchup flavour chip i dont think. Same with prawn :S

  • Anonymous

    Spicy curry chips aren’t as bad as they sound.

  • Lokobo

    The white Greek ones sound pretty tasty.

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