To INFINITY..and BEYOND!!! (24 Photos)

Photos taken by NASA from space of both earth and space itself.

  • jeff in Australia

    I love the “star” shots, I just wish I could understand what it is I was looking at…
    I know about the color spectrum and all that, but…?

    • mattguy9000

      1. Super nova remnant, 3. Not actually sure, could be a trail left by a star, 4. Venus rising from behind the sun, all of the rest if they aren’t pictures of earth are galaxies (8, 11, 12, 14, 17) or different spectral images of the sun and coronal mass ejections. (13, 15)

      • jeff in Australia

        Thank you for that… My problem is… A Super Nova…?
        I have heard/read the explanation, but..
        How big is it really, I get tired walking for an hour and yet..
        A light year is…. much further than I can comprehend.
        A coronal mass ejection, is…?
        I doubt that anyone can truly comprehend the sky…
        Lots might be able to name and discuss, but….
        I want to understand the size, the shape…..
        Not in some airy fairy, god type way, just the immensity of it all…
        How small and insignificant this planet and we all are…
        Thanks for trying though…

        • Wunderstamp

          • jeff in Australia

            This is even better than one I had seen previously..
            It went/came from space into the inner structure of a leaf,,
            Can not find it. Anybody have a copy or know when to find it..?
            I would say thank you Wunderstamp… but my brain is frazzled..

  • gonzomania

    #9…OMG that planet looks like it has life on it!!! I can’t believe no one has jumped on this!!! It’s the most important photo ever taken!!! I’m contacting NASA Now!!!

  • Irwin109

    Some of these pictures make me think NASA are the masters of Photoshop!

  • Navy Adam


    Bill Bryson’s book “A Short History of Nearly Everything” does a great job at describing just how impossibly imense the universe is. Check it out.

    • top dog

      In order to understand the size and scope of the Universe, one must frist travel the Universe. No offence but, I doubt this Bill Bryson have done that, nobody have, from this planet. OK, all I’am trying to say is this, you can’t sit on your front porch and write about how immense the Universe is…go see it for yourself.

      • yeahsure

        Go see it for yourself?! It can only be seen through a telescope!
        Bill Bryson’s book is an incredible read on alot of science,not just on astronomy and explains the scope of the universe in the most comprehensive way possible.

    • jeff in Australia

      Thank you… I will try and find it…
      But I think you summed up this whole page, comments and pics…….

  • Wunderstamp

    Gotta love the Crab Nebula..

  • lol

    The world (and space) is just awesome *boom de ya da* plays (discovery channel commercial)

  • P-90

    When you consider that our star is just one of a hundred thousand in our galaxy, and our galaxy is just one of one hundred thousand galaxies in the known universe it makes it a practical impossibity that their is life out there somewhere, intelligent or not.

    • P-90

      ‘practical impossibility that there is NOT life out there somewhere’
      My galactic sized error, sorry.

      • yeahsure

        you could probably replace thousand with billion

  • top dog

    Those shots are beautiful……Ohhh the possibilities.

  • HellHathNoFury

    12 is probably the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. It boggles my mind that you can see that from Earth.

    • jeff in Australia

      Until we see your “The great hike” pics..??
      Gun emplacement..?
      Your moon…?
      I think I envy you your life.

  • confused

    damn they are pure awesome, thank you the chive and NASA

  • Verona

    love, love, love. Makes you feel really tiny doesn’t it?

  • doo

    Must watch Contact again.

  • Ken

    A good way to introduce yourself to learning more about this stuff in small increments is through APOD (astronomy picture of the day). There is a short caption for each photo with enough links to go as deep as you want to go. Over time you get to learn quite a bit. The archives go back years. Google APOD and the site will be the first link…hit archive and off you go!

  • miscellaneous

    "Hubble Got Chu"…."Don't Worry….Hubble Got Chu"

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