• frankenbozo

    When I began looking at these Russian school girls I was 70 years old. When I finished looking I was 28 again. Oh Lord! Please allow me to dismount the wild horse called Lust!

    • D


  • Warped

    I want to go there!

  • brittany

    Dear chive, that have crossed it lol

  • northerner

    Dear Chive: Thank you. Profoundly. Totally fantasmagorgeous gals. Bar none. But the comment about an abundance of babies in Russia who are born addicted may be not so facetious. Business people know when you advertise something extremely well, you get, well, action. What these girls “advertise” may very well get quite a lot of traffic and that kind of traffic makes babies. Babies having babies. Irresponsible parents beget irresponsible chillins and, well, the beat goes on and society devolves. Hate to put a ColdPak on a beautiful pic spread, but…reality is what it is…kinda glad the girls in my high school 46 yrs ago didn’t look like that. I’d’ve never survived…but I would have had a big smile on my face.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Groundbreaking solution for this problem, will change the world as we know it. I shall call it

    • Nateb123

      Actually so many Russian girls look their best because it’s generally expected of them that they’ll have a man by 21. So Russians just pair up early. They generally don’t have kids until a fair bit later since that’s scorned more than being a 25 year old “spinster”. You don’t find anything like the level of support for teenage parents we have here. They’re just shunned so Russian teens are pretty careful.


    27 made my day

  • A-Ron

    Russians Graduating.

    You’re doing it right.

  • northerner

    @HellHathNoFury: you are quite right. However, THEY HAVE TO USE THEM. How many girls in the heat of passion think, “aw, just once won’t do anything”. Famous last words of many child-mothers. Few towns and countries are immune. None in fact. Sad for the kids…

    • HellHathNoFury

      I know. I was a teen mom, not by my own doing, *long story, don’t ask* so I met too many other teen moms who would make the same ‘mistake’ over and over. Guess what? Sperm doesn’t discriminate just because you don’t want to get pregnant and think you’re special, hon. I couldn’t believe the stupidity and juvenile attitudes of the majority. Free birth control? But that’s not ‘fun’! I don’t wanna!

      • LOL.

        sure sure……..

      • Nateb123

        I am SO asking because it sounds like you may well have been the victim of immaculate conception! 😛

        • HellHathNoFury

          If ‘immaculate conception’ translates to ‘guy who had several strikes against him and was never kept locked away due to influential family and moved in near junior high to stalk unwitting people walking home’, then yes. That’s exactly what I meant.
          See, told you not to ask.

          • Nateb123

            And there goes my making light of the situation. But we all have our shit and life goes on.

            • HellHathNoFury

              Wasn’t trying to make you feel bad or anything. Worse things have happened to better people. At least I got an early start on my army of henchmen.

            • Nateb123

              Not at all. I just don’t have the usual knee-jerk reaction to finding out someone has had some trauma (aka the “Have some sympathy/pity and you’re so strong!” line). I figure if you’ve dealt with it well enough to openly chat about it, you don’t need a pat on the head and a hug from everyone who learns what happened.

            • HellHathNoFury

              Thank god. I’m so effing tired of the head-tilt doe-eyed pout-lip fake-smile ‘Omigawd! I’m so sowwy! you’re such a strong, independant woman!’
              I could whine and let it take over my life and go on Oprah and play biggest victim ever, or
              make it better. The latter works for me.

          • P-90

            Wow you come through something as life changing as that with your personality and sense of humour shows just how amazing you really are, well done.

            • weeboo

              lol, and there it is, the your so strong line…nicee!!

          • Nateb123

            Lol. I sympathize. I just laugh as people now when they pull stupid faces and freeze. They ask, I tell, then they go into shock. In my case, my family is dead and their reaction is to become self-conscious and say something stupid to ease their own tension. In my head I’m thinking “You people are more worried about your own brief awkwardness than my loss? Your lives must SUCK.”

            • HellHathNoFury

              We must be friends, or the world will implode. I lost my mom and brother, she 12 years ago, brother’s death going on 5 years. So, yeah. I know how you feel. *head-tilt, doe-eyed i’m sorry’s*

            • Nateb123

              Haha deal. You know. For the sake of the world. 😛

  • aaron

    Calling all pedos.

  • Uncle_Scrotor

    …was way better than my graduation!

  • indiecitychris

    I enjoy that they graduate with aprons on. It enforces the systemic fact that they should be cooking delicious meals in the kitchen post-grad.

    • gorodm

      //I enjoy that they graduate with aprons on. It enforces the systemic fact that they should be cooking delicious meals in the kitchen post-grad.//
      bad joke. Aprons – it`s old fuckin tradition from Soviet Russia

  • Markkens

    Maybe there is something to this Russian bride thing…

  • northerner

    Oh, to have those hormone levels of high school grads, again. Wonder how come I seem to get the randomly selected avatar of Rodney Dangerfield….? Huh?

    • HellHathNoFury

      Cause you don’t get no respect?

  • northerner

    Or the old puff-faced crosseyed dude…very curious system, Mr. Chive…

  • robin yates

    did anyone notice there were no grossly obese pupils?

    • Leonardo

      Thats cos Stalin got rid of all the Fuglys in the ‘Get out of the Gene Pool Purge of ’48’

      • exbuffnav

        Starvation will do that. Also, my guess is that no one was taking pictures of them.

  • wally

    I’m confused . . . also strangely titillated, but still confused . . .

  • doo dah doo doo

    ah, russians and their sashes.

    seriously though, it was great getting this sneak peak at next month’s batch of dp internet starlets. ftmfw.

  • Nateb123

    I’ve been to #32. It’s a huge square in memorial of WW2 and that huge spire in the back is an enormous obelisk with tons of intricate carvings on it. Then there’s the war museum behind it. Such an epic place.

  • gorodm

    don`t be envious. It is sad day. We are call this day – The Day of Drunk Bows.

  • radoon

    I’d just like to point out that the girls making out are Ukrainian.

    Ukrainians FTW!

  • lokobo

    The army girl on the right is hot! Way to go Russia!

  • av8rguy

    #32 is “Victory Park” on the West side of Moscow – huge place near Dorogomilovo. Seems to be the place to be for graduations… weddings… etc. Nice museum and WW2 military hardware around the grounds… as well as a bunch of aircraft. The ONLY thing I miss about Moscow are the hot chicks everywhere.

    • Nateb123

      I pretty much have the museum’s Hall of Crystal Tears seared into my brain. A crystal teardrop hanging from the ceiling for every hundred people that died in the war. And as if the room size isn’t amazing enough, there are so many layers of crystals that 4 dim lights easily illuminate the whole room because of all the refraction. You could probably switch off the lights in there and it would still be lit for a minute.

      And yes, the women are hot. These pictures don’t even begin to hint at that fact. Fully make-upped celebrities on the red carpet here don’t rival Moscow’s women in 4 layers of winter garments.

  • Jaroff

    horray for Medvedev!

  • habsfanx

    vodka + hot russian chick = mariage than affairs cause tiger woods is my IDOL …GO get them tiger Rrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • gorodm

      good luck

  • dino goposaur

    Chris Hanson has tracked all your ip addresses, there are about 10 deputies waiting for you to leave your house.

  • tommybhoy

    Should have went to high school in Russia…i told my parents that Scotland had no not girls but did they listen…….did they FUCK!

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