Best ‘funny cause it’s true’ Facebook pages that actually exist (12 Photos)

face book pages Best funny cause its true Facebook pages that actually exist (12 Photos)

If you want more, check out the great Knucklesunited.

  • bowhuntpa

    (insert douches name here) is a fan of “Being a Fan of”

  • destructoid

    that made my day

  • Nice!

    Great collection….love it! MOAR plz.

  • Passow

    I do #3….alot….

    • lamptoaster

      i do #2 a lot when i eat mangos

  • Ryan

    i have 2 lame friends who are fans of every one of these groups

  • Equalizer


  • pookie

    trying too hard

  • HellHathNoFury

    12. I’m a fan of: Standing Outside of Windows at Night with a Ski Mask On, Hoping Someone Will Look Out

    • peteyroberto

      IM a fan of standing behind you w/ a john pattinson mask while you stand outside sum1s window in a ski mask hoping when you scare the person and turn around and run you will see me

      • HellHathNoFury

        John or Rob? Depending, you just might be seckzshually assaulted

    • ron

      You tryin’ to see my winkie ?

  • thisisascreenname

    Cmon I hope I get the Chevy Chase avatar!

    • thisisascreenname

      How about NOW

  • mssugarkane

    those made me smile

  • Anonymous

    Phew! I’m not a fan of any of these; So that means I’m not lame?

    • Robinis

      noo.. still lame. Because you need approval of others that you are cool 😀
      take a facebook quiz to find out 😀

      i like to call it bookface 😀

  • niceguyted

    This post would be a lot cooler if the pics were linked to the actual fb fan pages.

    • God

      No it wouldn’t. You people and your retarded, meaningless groups.

  • Facebook Fail

    Is there a facebook group for people who don’t have a facebook account?

    • HellHathNoFury

      Yup, it’s called Awesome People with Friends In Real Life.

      • HHNFFan


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  • Linds

    #1 #3 #7 #8 and definitely #12

  • Always Last


  • socket2me

    I thought the crunchy leaves one was accurate

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