Amazing satirical photoshoped art (23 Photos)

Photoshop satire by Azrainman

  • Chris

    Bah, politics.

  • anon


    • Robbo

      Ha ha!

    • HHNFFan

      Swing and a miss!

  • Emperor-Elect

    waht is with jeff goldblum

  • top dog

    I like art, but I wouldn’t call this art. Art is not about making a joke or money at the expense of others. Art is about creativity, capturing the beauty and essence of the moment. If I were a art instructor and a student of mine brought this to class they would for sure get a “F” for lack of creativity and originality. If you want to be a cartoonist, work for a newspaper.

    • Vrye Denker


      • Uncle Fumbles

        Well thankfully your lack of knowledge in art will prevent you from ever being in the position of teaching students.

        • top dog

          And the same can said of you, if you think this is art. This is a prime candidate for file 13. If you can’t stand constructive criticism don’t make this known to the public, keep it to yourself.

          • Uncle Fumbles

            I did not claim that I was fit to give meaningful grades to an art class. Additionally, I do not believe the general public has the knowledge to give constructive criticism (typically sounds like your post). You are entitled to your opinion that it sucks, but saying “I would fail a student” is not constructive criticism. Constructive criticism usually constitutes more than a mere opinion with little to no support. Think it sucks all day, but don’t fool yourself into believing that you are an expert in the subject matter. Also, do not jump to conclusions; I did not say whether I liked these pieces or not. I do agree that 13 sucks as well, but I do not have the authority to say what should and should not be considered art.

            • x-nun

              Some forms of art are created to stir the pot and get a reaction. Mission accomplished.

            • big dog

              Of course you don’t. You don’t believe the general public has the knowledge to give constructive criticism? Seeing as how they are ones you want to see it, they are the only ones qualified to criticize it (especially if you expect them to buy your product), If it’s good they will tell you, if it’s bad they will tell you, and if you can’t take them giving their opinion on it then don’t let them see it, keep it your private study. The notion that you have to be a artist to critize art is well, it’s ludicrous. You don’t have to be a artist to criticize art, you do however have to be a artist to create it.

            • Irwin 109

              @top dog – Dude, anything can be art, a bin could be art if you see it as art. There’s a woman who shit and pissed on a bed for a year and that won at an art exhibition, this is most definitely art! If you were to give someone an ‘F’ for these you’d no doubt be fired soon after. Also a cartoonist is also an artist. There is nothing constructive about your criticism, you simply either don’t like or understand the subject of the pieces and therefore just go on about how this art isn’t art. Constructive criticism would be telling the artist what you’d change about it or what you feel is missing, not just simply saying this art “isn’t art”.
              I don’t think you need knowledge on the subject to leave criticism, but it does make you look like one hell of a tool, as most people probably now think you are. I could care less about people slagging art off, hell it happens all the time on Dev’Art, but to decide that something is not art just because you don’t like it is a very foolish move.

  • artfan

    This should have been titled “political cartoons.” Not chive-worthy.
    I’m coming to the site for laughs and hot chicks, not editorial spin.

    • Douche Baggery

      Well try not clicking the galleries entitled things like “Amazing satirical photoshop(p)ed art “.

      Try sticking a screwdriver in the nearest plug socket.

  • Equalizer

    Pumpkin Soldier are so cool!

  • ssss9999

    Weak. Not cool. Totally lame.

  • P-90

    Father Christmas changes his name to Daddy Cool.

  • Brandon


  • Jay

    I thought this was one of the best pic series I’ve seen on Chive. While I have a political persuasion that might turn me off of some of the photos, I still think they’re very well done.

    Bravo, Chive, many more like this.

  • Vihni

    So what, is Obama going scuba diving or somin?

  • Nicnac

    amazing art … really?

  • MichaelGS

    you guys are missing the SATIRE part of the title aren’t you? these are pretty cool i thought

  • z28js

    Well, they weren’t amazing.. satirical, I suppose, if you have a third-grade view of the world.. art, sure, since a rosary in a vial of urine was once considered art, these should be, as well.

    But, what exactly is ‘photoshoped’?

  • Jose Valdez

    Kingdom of the Missing Brain-Jajajaja You got that right. Goldblum the a-hole belongs in jail anyway.

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