World’s most bizarre buildings (25 Photos)

  • Goonfield

    Haha i knew Fed Square would make it onto the list

  • jeff in Australia

    Not one from here…? Not even the Opera House..?
    Oh the shame…sob…

    • Daz

      jeff in Australia, ever been to Melbourne dickhead?

      • jeff in Australia

        Yes I have… couldn’t wait to get out of it…
        The dirt and the dullness seems to rub of on all of it’s citizens.
        Or perhaps it is just the way they speak…
        Not a nice place at all..
        Which # is in Melbourne..?
        Where are you from..?

        • Grey

          #14 is in Melbourne, mate.
          Federation Square, across from Flinders St Station.

          • jeff in Australia

            Thank you Grey… It looks a lot smaller than I remember it…
            If you are from Melbourne, guess not ALL citizens..

      • HellHathNoFury

        Whoa, Daz, Australia is a huge place, and not everyone is from Melbourne. Just because you live on a continent, say, the Americas, doesn’t mean you can pinpoint every building shown in a picture. The name-calling was unsolicited and juvenile. Grow up.

      • mitch

        number 14 is fed square in melbourne…DERP :3

  • Nateb123

    Shocked to see a building on here that I go by every day to go to school (#18). Especially since there are WAY weirder buildings here, like the space centre which actually looks like a landed spaceship.

    • ukenny

      I think you mean another picture. Dont think Rotterdam (holland) has a space center 😀
      But there are more strange buildings in holland as well

      • Nateb123

        Nope. I go by that exact building every day in Vancouver. It’s kind of hard to miss a building made of tilted cubes, especially in that yellow colour lol.

  • gonzomania

    #23 Brussels Anatomium in Belgium, only one I could identify 😦

    • inismor

      It’s Atomium: Anatomium feels so…weird.

  • top dog

    Sometimes when I see buildings like these I kinda wonder the designer is trying to say, mabe thats the respnse they wanted. Mabe they want us to wonder. Hmmmmmmm!!!!

  • Romina

    I wish they would say where these buildings are located.

  • ahder

    Oh Frank Ghery… One of Canada’s better exports.

    And while I’m at it, on behalf of my countrymen, I’m so sorry about Justin Beiber.

    • Phideauxe

      HaHa it’s ok. We’ll forgive you for Justin Bieber, because you did give us Pamela Anderson, not to mention Bob and Doug McKenzie. My 11 year old daughter wants to have Justin Bieber’s babies. I think that kid is the next Tiger Woods.

  • Anonymous

    The Kansas City Library is the one with the books. It’s actually the parking garage for the library, but it does look cool

  • dadoo

    4 is in canary islands, (santa cruz i think), 20 is in barcelona 😀

  • Equalizer

    #2 – Chinese Three Kings

  • Aphthakid

    #7 Olympic Stadium, Montreal

    • Simon

      If you only knew the price the people are paying for this failing structure that never really worked. The top keeps ripping and some huge concrete blocks are falling from the structure.

      The leaning tower was supposed to be a bit longer and at a bit steeper angle so that the sheet covering the top could be lifted upwards but it never really worked.

      Still an icon of Montreal =)

  • Annie

    #6 ftw! I want to work there.

  • Dawson1488

    Where is Seattle’s own EMP building? That is one of the craziest I have ever seen!!!

    • HellHathNoFury

      Where’s my Experience Music Project and SciFi Museum in Seattle, bro?
      to appease me for your insolence, I shall take 8

  • Jess

    wow, I never though #7 would be in this list, I get out of this building every day!

  • Uncle Fumbles

    #13 is in Bilbao, Spain, #17 is in Seattle and #24 is in Minneapolis. They all have the same architect, Frank Gehry. I remember talking about him in my English class. Weird place to talk architecture; gotta love Penn State.

    • Libertariandude

      Actually, I think #17 is Prague.

      • Uncle Fumbles

        You’re right, my b. The Dancing House in Prague. Don’t know how I mixed that up with the Music Project.

  • petwookiee

    #3 Longaberger corporate headquarters in Dresden, Ohio

  • Qwerty

    any id on 22? looks cool and ive seen it somewhere else….

    • jeff in Australia

      Yep I agree…very cool.. looking at it for awhile… it looks practical, cooling “tower”..?

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  • Manbo

    #1 is also in Bilbao, Basque Land

  • HP

    Ha ha, number 16 is right on my doorstep!!!

  • OsoFromHell

    I’m not sure, but #15 looks very similar to a House in Ritoque, Valparaíso, Chile…
    [Chile ROCKS!]

    Loved the 8th house x3!!! hahahaha

  • Da Cuntstabber

    Where are the twin towers?

  • Bill

    King Kong in Niagara Falls

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