No Holds Barred Anti Smoking Ads (20 photos)

  • Jimmy

    1 and 3 are photoshopped!

    • Anonmouse

      Having an ex that used to smoke, #6 is my fave. No matter how much she brushed, you could always taste that smoke…nasty.

    • mikeofla

      Dude, most of these are photoshopped

    • eddy

      LOL! we know that! -.-

    • DatWop32

      Noooooo…. REALLY!

  • Benny

    #20 – what a big hand you’ve got!

    • Trogdor

      I wish you hadnt said anything.. make my nightmares go away !!

  • Equalizer

    #9 – Gross

  • top dog

    Make me wan’t to go and light up. Look, I know a few people that didn’t smoke
    and still succumbed to cancer. This will not stop people from smoking, if you
    want people to stop smoking, stop growing tobacco and stop making cigarett’s.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, top dog, you’re a regular ol’ logician.

      “I know someone who wore a seatbelt and

      Take a class in probability, you troll.

    • top dog

      Did I break your wittle heart? OHHHH!! I’am so sorryyyy!!!

  • Brandon

    4 and 16 are great

  • dZk0

    Wow, top dog, you’re a regular ol’ logician.

    “I know people who wore seat belts and STILL died in a car accident. Therefore, there is no reason to wear seat belts.”

    Take a class in probability, you troll.

  • mook

    Do the anti-smoker companies realize how freaking awesome these ads are?

  • Joey

    Smokers are disgusting. Says so much about a person they dont even realize.. They obviously dont care about themselves and they couldn’t care less about others. Why’d you light up in the first place, you thought it was cool? Shallow. You were stressed? Immature. Thanks for stinkin up the place and making kids sick. Now please just go and die already.

    • dg_1835

      Fuck YOU!!

      • Joey

        Oh thanks I forgot, it also kills brains cells as shown by your well thought out comment..

    • Irwin 109

      “They obviously dont care about themselves” ok this may be true for me, but I know plenty of people who smoke and think of only themselves, I also know plenty of people who smoke and only live to help others. Glad I could be of help “stinkin up the place and making kids sick.” Also Joey you know you also have a choice not to be near smokers, we don’t force you to inhale second hand smoke, that’s “your choice”. I can’t see how people find it hard to avoid smokers especially how you none smokers have slowly forced us to abide by laws meaning we can smoke barely anywhere but our own homes anymore. I don’t have a kid and I don’t hang around with kids so them being hospitalised due to second hand smoke ain’t really my problem, if their parents choose to smoke in front of them, I’m not down with that, but whatcha gonna do? I don’t really give a shit about much until someone comes along saying my choices affect them and rather than take steps to prevent this, like not being around smokers, then it’s your choice that’s the problem, not mine.

  • Yuval

    #4 – this is not a commercial, It is a regular photo, it is common that soldiers do that, but it is also forbidden, so if he get caught he probably get punished.

  • Marilyn

    I lose a considerable amount of respect for someone when I find out that they smoke, even a little bit. Whenever I pass someone smoking, I purposely cough loudly and force myself to wheeze in front of them and make sure they hear me as I walk by them.

    • gnarbucketz

      As a smoker, I find this more annoying than effective. Skip the passive aggression, and if you must campaign against smoking, just smile and tell a smoker not to smoke. That gets to us, especially if you’re attractive.

      • Anonymous

        To each his own. I don’t condone smoking, nor do I smoke, but smokers know the risk they’re taking each time they light up. I have not and will not look down on another person because they partake in something that is compltetly legal.

        • xnun

          As a smoker, I second what gnarbucketz said.

  • Marilyn

    I lose a considerable amount of respect for someone when I find out that they smoke, even a little bit. Whenever I pass someone smoking, I purposely cough loudly and force myself to wheeze in front of them and make sure they hear me as I walk past them.

  • Marilyn

    Oops, sorry for double post.

  • orly?

    I guess no one else in here has a bad habit? Glass houses…..stones….. You know whats more annoying than smoking? People who think they have a right to pass judgment on someone else. Grow up people.

  • Dan

    These ads make me want to smoke even more

  • bodhi1990

    If you want to smoke, fine i really dont care if you choose to ruin your health, but i cant stand it when parents smoke around their kids especially in a confined area, you’re just ruining your own child’s health for your weakness

  • realta

    Brill ads – Love the lips! I was a smoker but gave up 31 years ago- I smoked 40 a day Marlborough. Not good.

    I would like to ask what to do when there is a factory in your town which produces chipboard. every day and every night there is billowing smoke coming from a big chimney-
    I believe they use formaldehyde in the process-
    I have complained to them and to both the dept of health and environment=
    Nothing – no response- nada
    As an ex smoker I now feel when I wake up every day that I have smoked and smoked non stop all night-
    I wake up dizzy with chest burning…
    Any advice as to what to do- and yes I know –
    MOVE is a definite option too…before I am moved – in a box…

  • SpatulaAssassin

    Vices are vices. Smoking, drinking, gambling, all detrimental to the self and others. So you can cough when you pass someone smoking (which I’m sure isn’t out of concern for the smoker or themselves, but an inflated sense of self-righteousness), but you’re not going to change a thing becuase smoking is a person’s own choice. You might as well pretend to vomit the next time you see someone drinking. And if you’re ever in Vegas, pretend to be hanging by a neck tie from the ceiling fan in your hotel room.

  • jeff in Australia

    I just saw the post on healthy, life extending hamburgers…?
    I and a lot of others live in cities surrounded by poisonous fume spewing cars .?
    I smoke, but would it really make any difference if I didn’t..?

    Sky diver, racing car driver, downhill skier, test pilot, powerboat driver, etc..
    When they die, people say “at least they died doing something they enjoyed.”
    Leave me alone.

  • Rich

    I’m not sure if anyone’s from around the Vancouver / BC area in Canada, but it’s been made illegal to smoke within a workplace (including freight truck driving), illegal to smoke within 3 meters of public doorways or workplace doors, inside a vehicle with children, there might be more I just don’t know offhand.
    So, while we might be acting “self-righteous” it’s also a courtesy not to smoke where there’s alot of public access. Like, I wouldn’t start coughing in someone’s face if they were smoking if it were at their house, but I won’t let someone do it in my house either!
    Good ads btw, if it helps 1 person stop it’s well worth it.

  • Irwin 109

    To quote Bill Hicks “Hate to bust that bubble you none smokers have but here’s a fact; none smokers die.”

    I hate this shit, I mean seriously in the UK we’ve got the stupidest laws now, you basically can’t smoke anywhere but your own home, so I take every opportunity to fuck those rules.

    It’s such a seriously fucked up and pointless campaign. People die, get fucking used to it.

    #7 – “It’s called suicide because it’s your choice” no, it’s called suicide because we have some strange obsession with using latin to make words.

    #14 – “Smokers never win” Never win what? Life? Again we all die. Win in general? I’ve won the lottery, I smoke.

    A quote from my Facebook:
    [Irwin] is going to write to the government telling them if they insist on keeping the warnings on cig’s and ‘bacci that they put it on everything else. Like on alcohol they should put “Drinking gets you drunk” on every car “Crashing kills”, on every bed “Sex may cause babies” on the sky “Warning living too long can kill”

    Sorry for the big comment post but shit like this really gets me, I don’t need adverts to tell me what I can and can’t do to my body. The people who do this shit are the fucking beigeist society fucktards

  • Joey

    See the problem here is common lack of courtesy to others. If you want to suck on a cancer stick, fine thats your choice. But once “your choice” affects me..we got a problem. My choice is to not smoke but yet i have to share the same air that you’re poisoning right next to me. I hardly see how thats just “your choice” at that point. 17,000 KIDS hospitalised every year due to SECOND HAND SMOKE in the uk alone. Im sorry but if that doesnt make you think twice about what you’re doing to others then really what else do you not give a shit about? Hate to burst your bubble smokers but here’s a fact, its not all about you.

  • Ben Irvine

    Irwin, you sir, deserve an applause.

    *stands and claps*

    Im glad I bothered to scroll to the bottom of the comments because at first it was the usual bunch of self-righteous sheep bleeting the anti-smoking mantra and judging everyone who smokes but yours actually contained reasonable arguments. As a smoker myself (judge me oh lord!) I cant agree more with you. Well put sir! 🙂

    p.s Bill Hicks has some of the funniest and most astute observations I’ve ever heard to do with smoking.

    • Irwin 109

      Haha thanks Ben!

      I always try and approach an argument/comment thread with my point of view whilst taking into account how other people view the subject rather than a lot who find it easier to say “Smokers are Nazis” and whatnot. I think the problem is nowadays if people get told eating,drinking, smoking is bad they’ll instantly take that view and up it to almost religious levels. Ok so they’re not healthy and they do kill, but the way they put it across is as if you don’t smoke you’ve got some fucking eternal life secret right there, it’s bollocks, I know an old dear who is over 100, smokes 30+ a day and is still running round like a 20 year old. It’s not cigarettes that kill it’s just life and how you use it, that and luck, ’cause (again via Hicks) you could be the fittest guy in the world and you have a heart attack whilst jogging, that’s life!

  • Ben Irvine

    Joey: Bubble completely un-burst (intact) I’m afraid. Please could you provide a place where you are forced to endure second hand smoke. In both places of work (ALL places, including fringe areas like cars/vans of the self employed – even if the smoker is the ONLY person using the vehicle, still counts….) and enclosed public spaces: smoking is banned. Share the same air?? Not unless you choose to sir. (Just on more thing – how about 99% of the pollution in the air NOT caused by smokers… I dont see anyone loudly coughing whenever someone pulls up in a car, or standing outside factories loudly coughing when the workers come out. And that shit is producing so much pollution its burning away the protective layers of the earth.) Food for thought at least.

    • Irwin 109

      You and me Ben, we’ll sort this crazy world out!!! LMAO

    • Joey

      Really? So I choose to breath in your smoke while I walk the sidewalk? While I try to enjoy the fresh air in a park? At a ball game or amusement park? Jesus guy its everywhere, are you that blind? Just because youre outside doesnt mean people cant smell it and still be affected by know what thats all the attention Im giving this. Think about it when the doc tells you have lung cancer. I’ll await your smart ass comments then. Later wheezy

      • Irwin 109

        “Really? So I choose to breath in your smoke while I walk the sidewalk? While I try to enjoy the fresh air in a park? At a ball game or amusement park?” Yes you do, it’s not “everywhere as you put, hell most places you can’t even smell it over exhaust fumes. Are you telling me a park, stadium or amusement park is too small and gets clogged up with smoke, give me a break and come back when you have a real argument. Just because youre outside doesnt mean people cant smell it and still be affected by it.. “you know what thats all the attention Im giving this” because you’re running out of things I can easily knock down? “Think about it when the doc tells you have lung cancer.” Mate I’ve got bigger problems I don’t care about, I have hereditary heart problems and don’t care. And I’d still be wiping the floor with your attempts if I did get lung cancer. Oh and I don’t wheeze. Play hide and go fuck yourself, ass clown.

  • wild bill

    seriously who gives a shit, if they wanna smoke let them whats the big deal? As long as there not doing it where you are consistently going then whats the problem?

    • Irwin 109

      Thank you Bill! It’s simple isn’t it? If you wanna smoke, smoke, if you don’t, don’t. If you want to avoid second hand smoke, stay away from smokers, I’m also trying to understand what the problem really is!

  • Groo79

    I normally don't comment on these, but as a child who was hospitalized by 2nd hand smoke (severe allergic reactions as a child, was in the ER several times) and a proponent of freedom of choice I can see both sides of the argument. First I can attest that people you don't know are effected can be severely effected by smoking (and many other things as well). But I feel strongly about freedom of choice. The issue then lies then one persons choice to do something harmful to themselves (their choice) will potentially harm others around them. you say it's a non smoker's choice to come around you… but what is the choice… they didn't make the decision to smoke, or directly inhale 2nd hand smoke. but by making a decision to go somewhere they wanted to go for whatever reason they wanted to go there they are then forced to make a decision to endure the smoke or stop their intended activity.

    I'm not trying to be self righteous, or anything… it's a smokers right to choose to smoke, the laws in place now preventing smoking in certain places are there for the rest of us… and I feel bad that it came to that, but in general most smokers have a "Don't tell me what to do" attitude and tended to not really think about the other people. so now they have to…

    And in response to the exhaust fumes and air pollution comments, I would ban those too if it was feasible! But the General Motors EV1 was pulled from the market to make way for more polluting cars, and the general public was generally unaware that a 100% electric car was ever even sold in the US for 3 years.

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