These Science Fair projects just made my day (25 Photos)

  • JohnnySpoons

    I like that the fat dude in the Perfect Scrotum pic is wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs sweater.

    Kinda supports my own hypothesis that Leafs fans are a bunch of big fat ball sacks.

    • Underhill

      The girl needs to work on her posture.

  • HellHathNoFury

    No. Just no.

    • Chef_Tony

      way to censor #8. nobody could tell it says “fucking”. but of course we want the internet to be a clean and child proof place…

      …wait a minute, #17 seems to have other information on that.

  • Vivek


    • Vivek

      or not

    • HellHathNoFury

      Foiled by a bunny!

      • garp

        …is that there one of those ‘killer’ bunnies?

        • HellHathNoFury

          foul-tempered, with nasty, pointy teeth?
          No idea what you’re talking baout.

      • nerf herder

        “That rabbit’s dynamite!”

  • Equalizer


  • Chris

    9 made me laugh 😀 The expression on her face… Bwahahahaha 😀

    • flenin

      couldnt be much more disappointed right now

  • Phideauxe

    I”m gonna go out on a limb here………..shopped?

    • ChrisDG74

      Congrants, Lt. Obvious. You have just been promoted to Captain.

      • ChrisDG74

        *congrats. Spelling fail.
        See what happens when you try to type after a liquid lunch?

  • flenin

    i think the girl in #1 is right to look worried

    in other news, show me some eddie murphy! ———>

  • top dog

    Some of this is funny, but I can tell ya kid in #9, the cat will loose.


    If #21 was legal both on the animal front and the age front, we’d have a pretty fucked up science world. In other news, show me some me in a Ghostbusters Halloween costume! ——>

  • inv8erzim

    better late than never. These are the best. lol. “birds. they’re Fn everywhere'” toodles. !

  • cavemanlawyer

    I can tell from the pixel

  • nerf herder

    Hypotheses: It is hot. Procedure: Drop it.

  • Matt

    is this seriously real? omg

  • bodhi1990

    the expression on the dog’s face made my day

  • getfragged

    #17- Anal lube. Nice touch
    #20- Why yes, they are everywhere. How observant of you.
    #25- see #18

  • Robinis

    oh my fucking god… a lot of Americans are really retarded .. wait what am i saying.. this is global.. 😀

    • Skillet Rocks

      I know! That, "What do my Farts smell like?", kid is retarded. o.0 "Conclusion: They smell yummy!", pervert. He is so disgusting! Could he not think of any other thing to do for the Science Fair? That is not Science, kid! :@

  • Bud Ugly

    Hehe, I personally like the “Drawing a Blank” one.

    Seems like something I would actually do.

  • A

    This was stolen from, TheChive even removed their watermarks from the pictures. At least credit the site if you’re going to steal.

  • P-90

    Who is Crystal Meth?.

    • Skillet Rocks

      I don't know! lol

  • who

    PLEASE tell me these are not real… what's wrong with these kids?? cocaine- free samples?? crystal meth- friend or foe? foot fetish??? jesus christ!

    • Pickledbeans94

      I agree

  • no wayman91

    #13 You know she has bleach as one of them?

    • Skillet Rocks

      Holy Crap! I had no idea! lol. You're observant! haha!

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  • Pants

    #9 had way too much fun with his experiment.

  • top dog

    When I first saw this I thought some of it was funny, as I take a second look all I can think is, GODDAMIT WE’RE IN TROUBLE!!!

  • k

    #5 ftw. yes, they’ll be garbage men some day, but they’re probably funny as shit to hang out with

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