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Believe it or not these video game controllers are actually bars of soap. I imagine it would be the proudest shower you ever take.

  • 3x6

    These are too precious to use. Gonna put them in a glass box and admire them

  • Lokobo

    At first I thought they were chocolate bars.


    oh and FIRST!

    • Lokobo

      Fricken Uncle Buck messing up my first ‘first’

  • SJ

    At first look i thought it was a cookies and cream controller >.<
    hmmm…nom nom nom…
    Then the page loaded and it said soap….awww….i want a cookies and cream controller!

  • Insert Name Here

    wtf are those, bars of soap??

    • Fail

      They’re actually just plastic molds…. learn to read.

  • Equalizer

    Hmmmmm…. Yummy Soap Bars…. ughhhhhh…..

  • myragehush

    Probably great to use in a prank. Replace your friend’s controllers with soap controllers. They’ll wonder why Mario won’t jump and why their thumbs are so clean.

  • Mattythegooch

    Tyler Durden is not impressed.

  • Spiderpig615

    WOW now I can pass levels while washing my balls.

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  • Navy Adam

    Those are WAY better than those stupid seashells your mom put on the back of the toilet!

  • Anonymous

    they look so tasty :s i want to eat them.

  • HellHathNoFury

    At least now there will be an *almost* sane reason for me rubbing my NES controller all over my body in the shower while singing.
    No excuse for it before this.

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  • Stiff Zombie

    Do they still vibrate??????

  • Pancho

    #3 DO WANT!

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


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