Vintage shots of acoustic radar (19 Photos)

Acoustic radar was widely used from mid-WW1 to the early years of WW2 for the detection of aircraft by picking up the noise of the engines. It was rendered obsolete during WW2 by the introduction of radar, which was far more effective as you might imagine.

  • Equalizer

    nice headphone…

  • Robbo

    I want to see one with a guy getting ready to blow an air horn near one of them

  • ken

    So THAT is where Dr Seus found his inspiration!

    #18 “The Giant Butt-Crack Radar Monitor” was a real hit.

    • Irwin 109

      Good to see Gary Busey taking an interest though.

  • pickuptheotherline

    wait, wait … nope don’t hear anything.

  • MacheteJack

    Oh, to be a bird, fly by one of these, and squawk as loud as possible.

    • Nateb123

      Or poop. The wet willy would have reached a whole new level.

  • 123roasthim

    Pretty sure Khan would have used #1 for the slugs he put in Chekov’s ears…yeah, I like Star Trek who gives a shit

    • northerner

      lol, 123roasthim! Yep, worms muchin’ on the brain matter…Excedrin Headache #….

  • top dog

    Yes yes, first we will run zem crrrazy with rock musik, and just when they can’t take it anymore we will switch to Zamphir.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Oh, to have the air-raid sirens go off while listening to those. That’s the whole point anyways.

  • Spiderpig615

    #17 looks like a Frilled Dragon.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Your mom looks like a frilled dragon. No really.

      • Spiderpig615

        ha ha almost funny. Yea she is a frilled bitch.
        By the way ..shouldn’t you be in the kitchen?

        • HellHathNoFury

          aw feck my bacon burned

  • aleXTC

    yeah she does

  • qwerty

    Yoooooo wooooman! Maaaaakeee mee a samwiich!!!!

  • Joseph

    I want to fart in one.

  • lolz

    it would be cool to throw a firecracker inside those acoustic radars

  • Anonymous

    Not to rain on the fart joke/air horn parade, but it’s not technically radar, as radar depends on sending out a radio signal to detect the aircraft (hence the acronym).

    • northerner

      Correctamundo, on that one…hence “accoustic” not electronic…

  • room406

    #14 – Anyone remember “The Prisoner” ?

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