How to break a dry spell by finding your lost private parts (16 photos)

  • Hugh G. Rection

    He's still ugly.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Then why do you have a huge erection?
      Or are you just labeled as one for being a dick all the damn time?

      • Lavinia

        Truthfully? Sometimes I have ice cream for breakfast with my cofefe. This new and utterly unhealthy habit began within the last couple months when my daughter has slept horribly. I’m not proud of it, but seriously cookies and cream ice cream with a bit of chocolate sauce along with your cofefe which contains almond joy creamer? OH YUM.

  • aosux

    WIsh I could find my priave parts, what ever the hell that is

    • Equalizer

      Guys, they just spelled it wrong. It means “Private Pants”. The guy must have lost his “Giant Private Pants” (#11). Now his happy that he found it…

  • Jerry

    Just what are PRIAVE parts????????????????

    • RubberDogTurds

      the more important question is, why does the “pure people” logo in #8 have a c0ck in it?!

      • jeff in Australia

        That’s his “private part” silly..
        Well spotted though..

      • RubberVomit

        *tuts* Girls and their obsession with anything penis-shaped.

  • keithp420

    12 = Tom Cruise?

    • rachehe

      John Barrowman

    • Anonymous

      Cap’n Jack Harkness

      • huh?

        my poo from this morning

  • stafferty

    I want to make a sarcastic comment about his moustache, simply because I cannot possibly say something positive about another human being improving himself.

  • Chris

    You gotta admire that sort of effort 😀

  • orno man

    I wonder what fatty’s reaction to seeing his private parts was after bringing them back into view after such a long hibernation. By the way, #12 is Michael J. Fox.

    • Rusty

      That’s not Michael J. Fox, you retard.

      It’s Simon Cowell. Or maybe Cindy Crawford, I’m not sure.

      But it’s DEFINITELY not Michael J. Fox.

    • KCMonky

      Nope. It’s John Barrowman from Dr. Who. Trust me, it’s Jack Harkness. MMMMMM…..Jack Harkness.

      • jeff in Australia

        Did you lot in America also see him in “Tourchwood”, even better than The Doctor…?

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  • SaintxXxAsh

    All I can say is good for him! Cheers to a future of health and happiness.

    Om nom nom nom

  • Thisisme

    The Pure People folks should consider changing their logo. I kept thinking Private Parts seeing it on the corner of the pics.

  • guest

    way to do it!:) i got to loose my beer belly:) (or wow child:)) lol

  • youdummy

    He really was a whale (14) or maybe a walrus.

  • Bill

    Man, that’s awesome. Good for him!

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Congrats dude. Looks like a total badass in pic #13.

  • orno man

    Thank you for the clarification. By the way, I’m not retarded, I’m Caucasian.

    • WhereWasItLastTime

      That’s for you to decide.

      It’s still John Barrowman.

  • goaliematt

    Cocaine’s a hell of a drug

  • smithey

    did he shrink in height when he got thin???

  • NTFW

    wait… do you loose weight in your private parts? do we see his private parts, wait no….

    you find your private parts to loose the dry spell?
    …. i’m so confused.


  • Andi Candi

    Yet in all that time he never managed to get his disgusting teeth fixed. How do you kiss a mouth that looks like that?!

  • will

    #14 He used to be a merman, but now he is human

  • LOL

    #9, why doesn’t he have his shoes on?

    Good job on the getting healthy though. 😉

  • fuckyou

    who gives a fuck we see this shit on the biggest loser every year

  • Clive

    I would’ve thought everyone would have been talking about him recovering from being a giant man-fish. #14

  • Consolacion

    Happy Birthday! Your birthday dress looks amiazng on you and I love all of your new work out gear and presents. I had no idea that Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back already at Starbucks, excuse me while I go get one.

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